Thursday, 4 February 2010

Stephen Nolan Show...

I have never, and hopefully will never, come across a man like Stephen Nolan ever again. What a truly hateful attitude he has and this morning, thanks to the lovely John Terry (again) I was called by BBC Radio Belfast. I was not given any time to prepare or listen to his show. I was thrown on the air seconds after I picked up the phone and I'm launched into a debate about John Terry and whether he should keep his job. I had no clue what had been, or was being, discussed. I was forced into the conversation with the most outrageous, obnoxious, self-righteous prig I have ever had the misfortune to encounter. I remember the very first time I appeared on his show. He was rude, a dreadful interviewer, he wouldn't let me finish a sentence, I only got half my point across, yet I was put on this show again without even being told whose show I was talking on. Clearly the producer had anticipated that I would tell him to stuff it up his arse, if I had known, and certainly in future, that is exactly what I will be saying, even to a point of hanging up. I suppose I could have hung up mid call, but I wouldn't give the ignoramus the satisfaction!

I knew the Irish had very strong views about this issue, being so religious and pure, they certainly did last time I was on, when I was personally blamed for a man's wife leaving him, and him attempting suicide! But when you consider how many Irish priests have been, allegedly, messing about with young altar boys, they need to look closer to home before they try putting the world right. Glasshouses and stones come to mind!

Anyway, for your entertainment I will let you all listen to my very brief, yet pointless, appearance on the Stephen Nolan Show this morning. I must admit, at one point, a journalist he was interviewing laid the question at his door. 'If Stephen Nolan was having an affair with a colleague's girlfriend, would he risk losing his job - not a chance! But then again, what are the chances he would be offered an affair in the first place!' I laughed heartily at that. He was on TV this afternoon, appearing in some god awful quiz show, and the smug, self-centred idiot actually looked pleased with himself. I feel so sorry for his wife, having to lie under that for her marital duty, and wouldn't be at all surprised if she's actually on Illicit Encounters looking for someone younger and fitter to play with! I know if I was married to an aggressive, rude, ignorant man like him, I wouldn't hesitate looking elsewhere! After seeing him on the quiz show this afternoon I truly do understand the phrase 'Having a face for radio'!! :)

I will NEVER appear on Irish radio again. I'm disgusted with his interview style, I personally think he's dreadful at his job, and although I understand it is his style to be controversial, condescending, and 'say it how it is' , it is sad to see someone, with the manners of a sewer rat, getting air time on the BBC. If Jonathan Ross or Russell Brand spoke to people like he did, they'd be sacked. So how does this poor excuse for a broadcaster keep his job? Not only is he rude to his guests, but he's incredibly obnoxious with his callers, and considering all of these people are keeping his dreadful show on the air, he should show them a little respect, but that is clearly a word not in his vocabulary.

Never again!! And my apologies to all my Northern Irish followers, but my god when did an entire country become so bloody self-righteous!!!

Anyway, the link to the show is

I'm on from about 25 mins. Listen to the rest of the interview with the other people, before and after me, it wasn't just me he was rude to, his callers and his guests couldn't get a word in anywhere, surely being gobby and talking over people is not the best trait for being an interviewer!!


  1. ah karen!

    stephen nolan is an absolute c0ck!!! but but but, take it easy on the Irish part, he is an obnoxious pig but he doesnt represent all of Ireland, there are lots of radio programmes that would offer balanced, reasonable conversation, we are not ALL bible bashing, paedophile priest supporting tight arses!!!

  2. Ah Sarah, I'm so sorry, and no, I wasn't wanting to be cruel to all my Irish followers. I suppose this was written in haste and anger, because I'd boiled about both of my experiences of Irish radio, and, considering how many times I have done English radio, I have never faced the vitriolic attack I have faced in Ireland. Of course not everyone is like that, and yes, you're very right, he is an absolute cock indeed!! :)

    Sorry again :) Forgive me :) You see, if everyone was like you I would love the Irish as much as everyone else :)

  3. Hi Sarah
    I agree with every word you say about the pig Nolan. However he is not on "Irish" radio as his programme is broadcast on Radio Ulster which is part of the BBC. Northern Ireland, (not "the North Of Ireland as some uninformed people like to call it), is part of the United Kingdom. However I'm sure you are not interested much in that but please don't refer to british citizens as if they were part of the bankrupt Republic of Ireland.

  4. Karen, I was mostly speaking tongue in cheek, i listened to the broadcast and totally could see the reason behind the rant!!!

    As for the anonymous comment, the original post by Karen mentioned Irish radio, and I was referring to it, everyone including myself is aware of the facts around the geography and nobody needs a lesson from you thanks very much. And this is not the place for politics, or racist insults, so get a grip of yourself!

  5. Thanks Sarah, but as the previous comment proved, you never can tell when something is tongue in cheek or not! As for Anonymous, please don't use my blog as a place to vent your issues!! This really isn't what my blog is about, and there is absolutely no reason to have a go at Sarah who is simply voicing her opinion 'tongue in cheek' about my post.

    I will not delete your post, because I believe in free speech, but any more of it and I will. This is not the time or place to criticise especially when you have totally misinterpreted what was being said.

    I welcome all comments, and always will, but please, save that for the playground, and not my blog. Thanks xx

  6. too true, but i think you are right, dont go on his show again, irritating condescending tone and the bit about prostitution? I nearly threw the laptop out the window. Sometimes it never ceases to amaze me how people like him somehow feel they are entitled to lord some moral superiority over people. Save your time for people who do their presenting job correctly, and offer balanced conversation on all topics! and dont let him get to you, as i said he is a c0ck!!!!

  7. Oh I tell you Karen Baby you have a hell of a lot more self control than I do - I would have totally gine off at the pompous prig for calling me a virtual prostitute!!!

    Promise me you will never let anyone try and put you down or make you feel bad?

    Both you and I have chosen to stray from the usual conventional life that society expects from us - you as a proud mistress and me as a happily married woman who has affairs and does not feel guilt at all over her actions - most "normal" people who play by the rules will feel threatened by folk like us who stray from the norm to which they have not been brave enough to deviate from themselves and insult us as a mechanism to cope with their inability to go against the grain like we have...

    (Those who can do, those who can't insult those that do)

    XOXO as always,