Sunday, 7 February 2010

Ten things men really like in bed....

I am frequently asked what I do that wives don't. Its hard to be specific, so I thought I would give you a list of things that men really like - in my experience. It is not necessarily what they are missing at home, or getting from me. In fact men see me for many different reasons, and I have always said that it is never specifically sex they are looking for. As a mistress I offer far more, but I thought this would be a lighthearted look at what they might be looking for. And for those in a relationship, you might pick up a few tips to keep him happy.

  1. Blow jobs - The world is divided into two types of men: those who love blow jobs, and those who are dead. Nothing is sexier than a dirty woman rubbing his cum into her face after sex.
  2. Finger up the arse - Men love it when a woman puts a finger up his arse while she is sucking him off at the same time. If she can manage to gently squeeze and juggle (not literally) his balls at the same time, so much the better.
  3. Talking dirty - Dirty talk when your mouth isn't full :) and some eye contact while you're sucking his cock is good, (as are occasional feats of swallowing/accepting a facial). Dirty talk while you're having sex drives them wild. Saying how much you're enjoying it, what you're enjoying about it and what you want him to do next is a huge turn on. He needs direction and needs graphic communication instead of the occasional mmmm yes to tell him it's working for you.
  4. Playing with yourself - Men love to watch a girl play with herself, either on her own or encouraging him to join in once she has already started. Its a good idea to include toys in the play too, so he sees it as a fun addition rather than competition for him, or a criticism of his performance and capabilities.
  5. Dressing up - Men really like us to dress up, from the innocent schoolgirl to the slutty secretary. A nice lace set with stockings and suspenders works well too. It's not just about looking horny, men love the fact that we have bothered to go to so much trouble. Its saying we want it as much as them.
  6. Anal sex - Men believe a woman's pussy is just not as tight, especially after kids. It makes men horny just mentioning it, but make sure you take your time to build up to it, and of course only say yes if you really are interested in trying it. Don't forget the lube! :)
  7. Fucking from behind - Some men believe the ultimate fuck is a three holer. Mouth, pussy and arse to finish and this is the most convenient way to approach it. Also men like to see us from behind, especially if we have a fine arse and small waist. They appreciate the view and the curves. They also like not having to look into your face. It means they can fantasise about someone else if they need to but also it takes away some of the intimacy, turning the act of making love into pure sex or fucking. It removes the element of romance found when eye contact is held throughout.
  8. The risk of discovery - New situations and places are a key trigger for men. The danger element, the risk of discovery, is a great turn on. Only dirty girls will try it outside where they may be caught. It shows a woman with very few inhibitions.
  9. Sharing fantasies - Being able to talk about what you like or would like to try is a huge turn on. When the fantasy is written down or emailed, it creates a vivid mental picture for a man. It is also fun either videoing or recording your fantasies while playing with yourself and sending it to him. Very dirty but very horny.
  10. Taking charge - Men don't necessarily appreciate girls who get all girly and coy in bed, almost feels like having a virgin. They like a woman who can take the initiative and don't expect him to make all the moves. They find it boring having to work out what we want, and what turns us on. It makes it much easier if we tell him or get on with it ourselves. There is nothing sexier for them than a woman pushing him on the bed and demanding he satisfies her, telling him exactly how.


  1. Great post and I couldn't agree more. I would post it to my icebox as a reminder if it wouldn't upset my husband so. Best of days. - E.

  2. Totally agree with you!!

    LHC xx

  3. For the man that cares (rather than just releasing pressure) the common link between your points in enthusiasm. If you enjoy sex, you want the person between your legs to be enthusiastic about it.

    Good points tho.

  4. Thanks for that Karen. Reminders of long forgotten activities (because I've been faithful for a long time), and suggestions of new ones (now I'm a dirrrrrty girl and not faithful any more!)

  5. God, not sure how to respond to individual issues, except finger up the arse which I tried on someone else recently and they tried it on me. Mindblowing is not the word.

    You've made me really, really horny with this post. Keep it up girl, love it.

  6. Am feeling so horny after reading that....moat if the things I do now with my two men Ive met on i.e.. Also mention how sexy a little video, even on the phone of what you are doing...make it sexy.....if you know thye are on a train, ay the airport etc.Lets keep fucking!