Monday, 8 February 2010

Things you never knew about sex and love ....

To celebrate Valentines Day I thought I would bring you some interesting sex and romance facts - some are wild, some are sweet... and some will make your jaw hit the floor :)
  • Like fingerprints or snowflakes, no two lip impressions are alike, and they're even used in forensic science.
  • A peck on the cheek uses two facial muscles; a passionate kiss, all 34.
  • For every 'normal' page on the Internet, there are five porn pages.
  • Some very, very lucky women can reach a climax just by having their nipples stroked and sucked.
  • Animals kiss and make up too - chimpanzees kiss and embrace after fights.
  • The left testicle usually hangs lower than the right for right handed men - and vice versa (You're looking now aren't you? lol)
  • Women who read slushy novels apparently have sex twice as often as those who don't. I better get down to the library!
  • Kissing releases the endorphin dopamine, which apparently gives you a rush of elation that is similar to cocaine.
  • The Catholic church declared kissing to be a mortal sin in the Middle Ages.
  • Contrary to popular belief (and porn films), semen is rarely spurted or squirted, but usually slops out. Lovely!! A few men do squirt though; the record stands at almost 8ft, although one man reportedly achieved 18ft 9in. Quite a party trick.
  • During arousal, the inner lips (or labia minora if you want to get technical), enlarge to two or three times their normal diameter. And if you men need a foolproof way of checking she's not faking an orgasm, they also change in colour just before an orgasm, turning pink, bright red and even a deep wine colour. A colour chart from the local paint shop and a torch might come in handy.
  • Half of all men say they would have sex with a woman without even kissing her!!!!......
  • ...... but only 14% of women would have sex with a man without kissing him.
  • Orgasms can be more intense in warm weather which explains why we are all hornier on holiday.
  • 50% of men say they expect kissing to lead to sex, compared to 33% of women.
  • People turn their head to the right during kissing twice as often as to the left.
  • Around 48000 people in the world are having sex right now. I hope you're not one of them while you read this :)
  • The average person will spend two weeks of their life kissing.
  • Our brains contain neurons that help us find each others lips in the dark.
  • Almost a third of all men insist kissing isn't cheating......
  • ...... whereas 89% of women say it most certainly is!!
  • The female orgasm is a powerful painkiller as it releases feelgood endorphins. (Warning - a headache can no longer be used as an excuse because he knows how to cure it!)
  • 70% of Brits are in love and 80% believe in happy ever after, making the UK the most romantic place in Europe, so remember that the next time your man drunkenly snores in bed!
  • Apparently 70% of men think women like kissing men with stubble. Well, they're not the ones with the rash the next day, are they?
  • In fact, 67% of women prefer clean shaven men.
  • The maximum speed at which erotic sensations travel from the skin to the brain has been clocked at 156mph - that's more than double the motorway speed limit.
  • Forget jogging. You burn as many as 26 calories in one minute of kissing.
  • Of the 12 or 13 cranial nerves that affect cerebral function, five are at work when we kiss. This blocks messages from lips, tongue, cheeks and nose informing us, eg. of temperature, taste and smell. So you really do 'lose yourself' in a kiss.
  • Around 10% of the world's population don't touch lips, let alone smooch. Unlucky them :(
  • Some 68% of men claim that they are good kissers.......
  • ........ but women are more modest. Only 56% sing their own kissing praises.
  • Research has found that the last bit of a man's ejaculated sperm contains a natural spermicide that will attack the semen of whoever gets in there next. Scientists also claim the penis has a ridged glans in order to scoop out a competitor's semen before depositing his own.
  • People will do the oddest things for a kinky thrill...... Among the items retrieved from people's er, bottoms, in hospital are: a parsnip, a plantain (with condom), a salami, a plastic spatula, a cattle horn, a can of body spray, a broom handle, and in one case, two apples!
  • Some men and women can reach orgasm without actually being touched. They simply squeeze their pelvic and/or buttock muscles. A handy skill that sadly not all of us have, but hey, we'd say it's worth a try.
  • A fear of kissing is called 'philematophobia'.
  • Less well endowed men can rejoice in the fact that the rest of the penis is almost two thirds of the length of the visible bit, so they're not such tiddlers after all. What's more, root and stalk together, the penis is actually boomerang-shaped.
  • A woman's breath has a slight semeny odour within an hour of having intercourse, and men can find it a huge turn-on. So if you've had a quickie before work, I advise breath-freshening mints and avoid talking to clients.
  • Having regular sex does more than keep us smiling - it serves a biological function too. Sperm that's sat around for too long waiting to be, er, released, develops abnormalities. So, masturbation is a vital act for man's evolution, as it means fresh sperm gets made.
  • No wonder some men can't find the clitoris. The little blighter hides itself away just before orgasm. Luckily, stimulation is pointless at this stage, as it's too sensitive for direct contact.
  • Only one in five men proposes on one knee, and 6% do it on the phone. I imagine those 6% got a swift 'no thanks' lol!
  • Dermatological tests show that kissing helps reduce dermatitis, skin rashes and blemishes. And it's cheaper than a facial.
  • Spare a thought for sufferers of flaturia, a condition that 'causes' intestinal gas to leak loudly from the rectum when in the throes of passion. Not to be confused with the embarrassing 'varts' (to put it bluntly - fanny farts).


  1. As always Karen baby you have given me pleanty of food for thought..



  2. That "Orgasms can be more intense in warm weather" makes sense and might be part of what a lover once told me (and is true in my case) which is that a woman is more likely to orgasm if her feet are warm! It may not be sexy, but keep those socks on, girls.