Sunday, 21 March 2010

30 dates in 30 days - or more....

I've decided to take on a challenge. I am going to start small but the idea is to build up to 30 dates in 30 days in either May or June this year. It's going to be quite a feat, and I don't even know if it will be possible, especially knowing how unreliable men can be, but I've come to the decision that it will be an interesting opportunity to meet some new people, see how easy or difficult it is to maintain or even organise, and see if, by the end of the month, it either gives me a buzz and makes me want more, or it puts me off dating for life.

The thought of rushing headlong into this without any preparation was truly daunting, so I have decided to build up to it gradually. I'm starting with 7 dates in 7 days. This is not too far from my normal week if it logistically comes together, but I do love my 'me' time so I never fill my time completely. Not having the usual breaks in between could become a problem but I'm game for a laugh and always willing to try new things.

I have decided to blog about my experiences too, and if any of them don't like being blogged about - tough titty :) I'm looking forward to finding out the highs and lows of so many dates and of course I'll be interested to see if I can actually cope with all the attention, preparation, organisation and admin! I could well lose the will to live! :) 30 men in 30 days would be enough to send any woman to her bed sobbing and swearing to be a lesbian or celibate for the rest of her days!

One of the dilemmas I have, which may well be cause for a rethink or an extension or reduction in the figure, is I'm a Serial Mistress. Everyone knows I date married and attached men, and everyone knows married men play happy families from Friday to Sunday evening, so officially that leaves me 4 clear days a week to do with as I please, but I'm not sure how to get around the logistics of the weekend issue. 20 dates in 30 days? Eliminating weekends? 5 dates a week? or 40 dates in 10 weeks? 40 dates in 2 months? 60 dates in 6 months?

I just can't seem to get any number to work as well as 30 in 30, so the Serial Mistress may have to weaken and date a couple of single guys at the weekends, to fill the gap for everyone following me too. Depending on the time constraints I may not be able to blog every last detail every single day, but I will certainly try my best and fill in the gaps at quiet times.

So, I think I'm settled on 30 in 30, so long as my lovely followers don't complain about me resurrecting my single dating options too. Mind you, the majority of the time, my single dates are more entertaining than my attached ones. After all they are usually single for a reason. So instead of it just being 30 married dates in 30 days, its going to be 30 dates in 30 days.

It's starting next week with my 7 dates in 7 days and we'll see how it goes from there. Of course included in my dates either 7 or 30, will be my regular guys. The men I meet won't all be brand new ones, because I can't possibly neglect my current 'friends' :) but maybe you'll get to hear more about them for a change, after all it's time I stepped it up a bit on here and told you how the real life of a Serial Mistress works. It's also time I took this more seriously, and gave you more to help you understand what I do.

So, 7 dates in 7 days will commence next week. And 30 dates in 30 days will happen in about a months time.

If anyone has any suggestions about how I will manage it then I'd love to hear from you. Or, if anyone has a sexy friend I might want to date then give me his number :) Any help will be appreciated! :)


  1. Sounds a worthy challenge! I'll look forward to hearing how these first 7/7 play out - I'm sure you'll 'enjoy' ;)

  2. Ey up Karen, get rockin'! Can't wait to hear all about it. You'll be knackered though. I have someone I could suggest. I'll email you. xx

  3. We await the results with interest. Are you looking for sponsorship? LOL

  4. Oh wow ! Can't wait to read all about it :)

  5. great idea and should make excellent reading if you can find the time to write about it!
    I wonder though...
    What counts as a date? Does it have to include food / drink? Or physical contact?
    Can you have two dates in one day? Say a lunch date and a dinner date?
    Hey with some luck and organisation and a willingness to have afternoon tea/coffee you could have three in a day.
    Are you aiming for 30 first dates? If so, do you go all the way on a first date? and if it is thirty first dates, and you don't go all the way, how will you handle the lack of sex?

  6. Thanks for the good wishes everyone, and yes, Greg, I am hoping to enjoy it :) Thanks Leah, have emailed you back :) Watch this space Me - coming soon :) Kevin - sponsorship would be delightful, I wonder who I could go to for that? :) Any suggestions?

    And anonymous - Not sure what counts as a date, in my mind it is a meeting, either over a coffee or over dinner, or an overnight stay. I guess its what most people would consider a date, even if its a walk by the river to get to know each other. It doesn't have to include food/drink, and certainly doesn't have to include physical contact, because, for obvious reasons there will be some I will date who I won't want ANY physical contact with whatsoever! :)

    I guess I can have 2 dates in one day and have a rest day, but I'm aiming to book in one a day to make for interesting reading, time for me to have a life besides, and so everyone I meet gets a reasonable amount of time. I don't want to pack in 5 a day and only see them for half an hour, everyone I arrange to meet deserves a chance to impress.

    I am aiming for 30 dates, not just first dates, although there will be many first ones. I prefer not to go 'all the way' on a first date but sometimes the connection and circumstances mean it happens, there are never any hard and fast rules when it comes to dating or matters of the heart.

    Don't worry about me going without sex, I will be doing just fine there, because I will be seeing the men I usually see anyway, I can't neglect them, but I will be dating newbies too. As I already said, its an experiment, and an entertaining exercise, to meet a variety of intelligent, charismatic, interesting people from all walks of life. It's fun, so there are no rules :)