Thursday, 11 March 2010

My blog... A new start

I genuinely don't believe I've done this blog justice. I've been selective with my postings. I've posted rambling thoughts when I could have told my followers everything that was going on, but because everyone I meet tends to know about the blog I can only be vague about what I post and who I mention because I don't want to embarrass anyone or upset my 'friends'. But for your sake, and mine, I've decided to say 'Sod it' and post whatever I damn well please now!

I have blogged mostly about my feelings, about the attitude mistresses face, infidelity in general and of course if I've been in the press, but I think the real purpose of this blog has been lost. It was meant to be an insight into the life of a Serial Mistress. So, for the sake of all my fans and followers, I will attempt to do exactly that.

I've been negligent over the last few weeks because I've been so caught up in other things. I've also been ill too, which hasn't helped. It has meant that I can write but I don't necessarily have anything of interest to post. I have only been on a few hot dates in the past few weeks. I've seen my male friends but not done anything mind blowing you would all want to read about. I've had fun editing and adding to the book I'm writing, and it's making real progress now. I'm very proud of it, and one day I am sure it will be the dream I hoped it would be, half price in Tescos and in the Amazon sale!! :)

But the time has come to step it up and let you further into the Life of the Serial Mistress. I will of course keep the saucy stuff on the Erotic Mistress blog, I don't want it clouding what is essentially my day to day life, but of course you can't miss out on the good stuff! Remember to add it to your favourites and give me any feedback you may feel necessary, good or bad. Thank you for bearing with me and my blog, and I'm hoping 2010 will be quite a year!

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  1. Hi Karen Baby,

    I look forward to reading more aboutthe goings on in your life as a Serial Mistress..

    XOXO as always,