Thursday, 11 March 2010

Shame on you....

It's not often I do this, but apart from laughing, I'm absolutely gobsmacked and quite disgusted at the email I have just received.

I have been chatting with a guy I thought was quite interesting, nice profile, fairly attractive but certainly nothing special, and nearby (always a bonus). He hasn't rocked my world, I haven't made that much effort, but he was on the 'potential' list. Naturally I speak to several people while I am online, and receive several emails a day which I always consider, and respond to, politely. But occasionally I will take it further and get to know the guy until something makes me realise he's just not for me.

This one was verging on 'not quite what I'm looking for' but I decided to persevere for another day or so, until I had made my mind up. He asked to see my photograph and I sent it to him. I am not god's gift, so I never assume I'm going to get a 'My god you're gorgeous' email back, but I'm also not a monster so I never expect anyone to run away screaming either. But usually I am either someones type or not. We are all adults, and to be honest most men aren't my type but I am kind enough, and polite enough to say so without hurting them. Honesty is the best policy I feel. But his reply was a first!

I have always felt that sometimes when we chat to guys on the net it feels like we are being interviewed, with the endless questions, What do you do for a living? What are you looking for? What are you expecting? What do you want from a man? What would be your ideal first date?
Do you live alone? Do you have kids? Do you want a fling or more? Do you realise I'm married? etc etc. But his email really did make me realise that, as women on that site, we are definitely applying for the 'job' of mistress!

His reply read:

Thanks. I'm entertaining some other offers at the moment and will let you know.

Once I stopped laughing and shaking my head I decided to let him know I wasn't interested and then I deleted him. I hope his 'other offers' all realise how businesslike he is treating his search for his mistress, or maybe he is shopping for a hooker. Who knows!


  1. Wow. Just wow.

    It's almost like a voicemail message isn't it?

    "I'm sorry I cannot pick up the phone right now but I am currently entertaining the laydeez. Please leave your name and number and I'll get back to you when I'm not exhausted FROM ALL THE SEX."

  2. LOL, he needs to get out more, away from his quasi-corporate world.

  3. HA!! Love it.. likes hes shopping for a better deal... Then, they realize there is none and want back in. You will be hearing from him again, you can count on it. Then hit him between the eyes with both barrels for us woman-folk!

  4. If there was a man who it could be said was up his own arse, you've just described him. Cold, very cold. I hope women avoid him like the plague, or he finds someone as shallow as him.

    By the way, you already know this, but to me your fit. Very fit.


  6. Um, you not cute at all. There may be a connection to that and why you get self worth out of sleeping with other people's husbands. Your gonna get hurt, if you haven't been damaged beyond the point of repair already. They don't like you, they are using you for sex. You are worse than a prostitute, at least they get paid. My heart hurts for you.

  7. MMmmmm thanks very much for your 'Anonymous' comment, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but if I am so distasteful then why are you reading my blog at all?? If only I had time to comment on the blog of someone I hated, didn't agree with and wanted to publically criticise! But I don't. I'm too busy having fun!! :) Thanks for dropping by though xxx