Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Vanessa's show .....

I was asked to do the Vanessa Feltz show on BBC London this morning, because the news had broken about the woman in America who sued the mistress for 'Alienation of affection' and won!! Outrageous story and I thank our legal system that this doesn't happen here. But is that because only American men are so gullible and easily led that they take no blame whatsoever for the breakdown of a marriage? Surely the mistress only plays a part, but as I have advocated for many many moons, so does the husband, AND the wife!! In my eyes, it has always been a fair three way split of the blame. Why only one person is apportioned the blame is simply beyond me. Unless this man was brainless, and made every decision with his penis, then I am amazed this has even been brought to court, let alone been judged, ending in a $9 million settlement in favour of the the wife. Along with showing her anger towards the mistress, by bringing this case she has publicly announced that her husband is clearly the stupidest man in America! How flattering for him, that should have him running back to her in a matter of days! lol.

Anyway, Vanessa's show was very interesting, and this subject, as always, completely obliterated the rest of the discussion points she was trying to raise. But we know this is always the case! I have never yet been on a show, or listened to a show, that didn't get totally dominated by the subject of infidelity if it was on the topic list. As much as people hate the subject, we all have to agree it stirs up a great deal of passion among those of us affected by it, and from the comments today, it seems it is the majority of the country (and the world) who have an opinion on it. It's always nice to create a healthy debate, and even better to have a mass debate!! Ahem!!

I will post the link to the i-player re-run of the show when its released later. Have a good day everyone x

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  1. BTW, the wife with her attorney happen to be on one of our national morning shows and she is crazy! The hostess asked her about her husband revealing (in court) that he had been having affairs since their third year of marriage and the wife acted as though she didn't hear her! She continued blaming the mistress for her marriage ending and painting her husband as a saint!