Thursday, 1 April 2010

It's started....

The seven dates in seven days started this week and, so far, all is going well. Watch this space though, it could all go horribly wrong :) Seven seemed a sensible quantity to break me in for the mammoth 30 dates later this month, but I'm actually looking forward to it now. There has been plenty of interest from various places, so this could be just what I was looking for :)

I promise I'll share every detail :)



  1. We're waiting for those details...

  2. I can only admire your stamina.
    Do you ever find time to sleep?

  3. They are on their way Kevin :)

    And yes Anton, I do, I tend to sleep when I'm on a bad date :)

  4. As a newly single woman, I'm looking forward to reading this :) Just don't go getting accidently swept off of your feet and leaving us hanging ;)

  5. Um....You'll start to lose memory of details if you don't blog them soon

  6. I need your advise!

    Lost in Ohio