Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Interesting story today.....

I know it's not in Britain, but this article caught my eye. It seems the whole world is suing someone for something these days, but am I wrong to actually believe this woman has a point? I'd love to hear your comments on this, and if you think she was right or wrong.

Woman sues phone company after husband discovers affair through bill

A Canadian woman whose husband discovered she was enjoying some extra-marital activities thanks to her itemised phone bill, has decided to sue the company responsible.

Gabriella Nagy is after 600,000 Canadian dollars (£405,475) from Rogers Wireless, claiming invasion of privacy and breach of contract.

The 35-year-old insists that she asked the company to send the bill in her name to her home but it was sent out under her husband's name, along with the television, Internet and home phone bills.

His suspicions were aroused when he noticed an unknown number appearing somewhat frequently on the bill and, when he called, the man on the other end admitted that he had been having a three-week affair with Ms Nagy.

But rather than take responsibility for the subsequent break-up of their marriage, Ms Nagy lays the blame firmly at the door of Rogers Wireless.

"I entrusted them with my personal information," she told Canwest News Service, as she moaned that the company had "breached my privacy".

Rogers though, replied saying the couple had asked for the bills to be consolidated.

"We cannot be responsible for the personal decisions made by our customers," a Rogers spokesman said.

"The marriage breakup and its effects happened, or alternatively, would in any event have happened, regardless of the form in which the plaintiff and her husband received their invoices."


  1. I think she has to take responsibility for her actions.

    If anything, adulterers should have a ''husband, friends and family'' phone and a ''hot, explicit sex with others'' phone whose bill is sent to a P.O. box of the office. call it the ''office phone''.

  2. I've used a 'naughty' phone for years now. Having it on Pay as you Go makes it even easier, and makes changing numbers simpler too, just pick up another SIM when you need to lose a stalker...

  3. 1. I don't believe the phone company is responsible for her breakup. Deep down I'm sure she doesn't either.
    2. I do think the company screwed up by not doing as she wished, but honestly that's to be expected. It takes time for a customer change to cycle through a system especially if it is an ill-run company, which most telecom companies are ill-run bureaucracies. But as the man said, Rogers Com isn't responsible for the fallout from her life's decisions.
    3. It's a frivolous lawsuit. She should spare herself the negative energy and money and move on. She and her lover weren't that bright if they couldn't cover up better.
    4. In the U.S., with at least two of the telecoms I am familiar with (and this may be is a state by state thing and per company), the spouse can request seeing the bills. The company may not have been given explicit direction to only show it to the account holder but a spouse (living in the same household) can request account information. The company rep simply ask if you're Mrs. Smith, you say yes they tell you what you want to know after you've given an acct. number.
    4. I do think Rogers Com failed the customer by not following her request, which was a company allowed selection, but I have no idea what a remedy would be because she wasn't harmed by the telecom's actions. She was harmed by her own actions. The telecom just brought it to light. What damages do you ascribe to that? I don't know.

  4. Hedone makes a lot of sense. My question is: who actually asked for the bills to be consolidated?

  5. People lie, phone records do not !!

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  7. My wife learned of my fuckbuddy because, suspicious, she called the phone company that handles my business cell phone, which is in my personal name, makes no mention of her nor of a business. She told them she was my wife and needed to pay the bill online, so without further question they gave her my online password so she could get into the account and see all the detail. BUSTED! Can I sue them?

  8. KJK - I think, based on the article, you would have a definite case because they have breached your privacy and should not have passed on any details at all. Thats a shocking situation. I'd certainly look in to it if I were you.