Saturday, 15 May 2010


I have to apologise for the break in normal services, but I simply had to write a piece about the evil nastiness I have just had to tolerate on here. This blog is meant to be fun, it is meant to be a small insight into my life, and meant to be for people to read and take as seriously as they like. I am leaving myself wide open to be criticised for what I do with my life, how I date, who I date and how I write. I am not here to be openly crucified for how my life has turned out, including my financial situation and my health. Those matters are nothing to do with the people who read this blog. It is about my relationships, my dating preferences and, on occasion, sex. It is nothing to do with whether I pay my electricity bill or have two days in hospital and why.

So, for those ignorant, judgemental, self-righteous critics who have taken it upon themselves to leave nasty comments, I apologise for not being as perfect as you clearly are. I live my life how I see fit. I live within my limitations, and I live how I have been forced to live, by circumstances I wouldn't wish on anyone, including your sad, bitter, twisted selves. I would love to see you live my life for 10 minutes and see how critical and nasty you are then!! The incredibly hilarious, but sad, part of the vitriolic attack I have received is, whoever you are - and if you know me so well why don't you say it to my face?? - you have spent literally hours tracking down photographs of me, reading my blog, and planning your bitter comments. I find it very satisfying that my life is so full, my life is exciting and fun, yet you are trawling the Internet to find more and more information about me and my life. Who is the sad lonely one there?

After seeking legal advice I, unfortunately, had to delete the comments, and moderate any comments from now on. I'm disappointed about that, because I have always happily welcomed any comments from anyone reading my blog, whether positive, negative, funny, reassuring, or critical. I have taken every piece of criticism of my lifestyle on the chin, but I have never had to face slanderous, ill-informed comments about my finances or health. Everyone is welcome to leave comments, and I will always post them, so long as they are not slanderous or libellous. Whoever the people are, feeling my private life is there to be criticised, should contact me directly, you obviously know me, even though you don't know any facts. Please feel free to email me or phone me and tell me EXACTLY how you feel. But if you are so consumed with anger towards me, maybe you need to have a drink, chill out a little, and realise that no one on this planet is worth so much anger. It will give you a headache, or worse, carrying so much hatred with you.

Let it go, life is too short, but you know where I am if you want to get it off your chest. The fact that you are so consumed by it for so very long is really quite disturbing. I apologise to my genuine followers and readers because your comments will now be moderated, but you are always more than welcome to comment, all will be published. And secondly, I deleted a couple of lovely comments by mistake, so you're welcome to leave them again, and thank you to everyone for supporting my blog and making it all worthwhile.


  1. Well it seems I've stirred some real hatred from this person, which is comical. I have never done anything to upset anyone, yet this person, who claims to never want to read another word I write, has become obsessed with me. I WON'T be publishing their comments EVER, so there is no point wasting time writing any more. If you are so concerned with what I do on a Saturday night then why don't you contact me directly? Too scared to show yourself? Too scared to stand up for your beliefs? Too scared to stand by what you consider to be true? Too scared to face someone as opposed to hiding behind your anonymous bullshit? Come on, do it, you know you want to!!

    I am finished with this now, I have better things to do with my time, and I have not been 'stewing' about you and your silly opinions at all. I've been thoroughly enjoying the fact that you are so obsessed, and bitter, because you will be in a grave long before me if you carry it with you! lol.

    Take care, you silly little man, I rejected you for a reason!!!

  2. Having met Karen I can vouch she is a clever erudite charming woman and does not deserve any nasty mail...She is not a silly little tart but a very clever woman.

  3. good for you Karen!!!

  4. You have the right to live your life as you see fit. Narrow minded, warped, bigoted creeps should keep their unwelcome opinions to themselves.
    Just because someones lifestyle is different to yours doesnt mean its wrong.
    You have a lot of admirers Karen which speaks volumes really.

  5. I've met her too and although we managed to fall out (over a lack of manners on my part) I'd vouch for her erudition and for her refreshingly open approach to life.

    Too late for me now, but I do have regrets... x

  6. Thanks to everyone for their support and their kind words. The idiot responsible for my post on here is still hell bent on commenting, but as I have said before I will NEVER be posting your crap again, so for someone who swore they would never 'waste time reading my rubbish' again, you're spending a lot of time doing it! lol. It's so satisfying to know someone is so fascinated with me, but as I have said before, if you have a problem with me why don't you just tell me to my face? Are you so scared of facing me? Are you so scared of the truth? You prefer to hide behind a computer under your bridge?? lol. You're boring me, and my readers now, so go away little man, you were rejected for a reason!!

  7. Hi Karen ! Just been reading some of your blogs, think you are fantastic and very honest. As a lady user of ie, one of the men you mentioned sounded very much like one I have met. Now thinking of blogging myself. Don't let one saddo man who you gave the brush off spoil things. GO GIRL ! xxx Illicit Wifex