Sunday, 15 August 2010

Up Close and Personals....

I'm appearing in the Observer newspaper today, in their Online Dating special section. I haven't seen it 'in the flesh' just yet, I refuse to go looking for a newsagent at 12.30 am :) Thank goodness for online newspapers! :)

Check out the article. It's nothing major, and most of my followers will know the story, but its nice to see its not the typical 'mistress bashing' article.

Anyone who wants to visit my profile - if you haven't already - is welcome to check me out. I'm on Illicit Encounters as Yesgirl. Not your usual profile, but it seems to work for me :)

More blogging to come soon, and I'll explain why I've been ridiculously slack with my posts.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend xxxx


  1. Dear Karen,

    I simply had to write to you and say how wonderful your blog is! I think you are a wonderfull lady who lives her life openly and honestly--the judgmental brigade could not boast such attributes.

    I notice you haven't blogged in quite a while and I hope you will return soon to share more of your journey. I've been a season-ticket-holder on IE myself since 2007, although I don't currently have an active profile.

    I have been thinking about sharing some of my own stories: some happy, some sad, some hilarious and some downright ridiculous.

    Do come back soon and keep up the good work!

    Dorothy x

  2. Thank you so much Dorothy, and its lovely knowing I have such a dedicated following, even when I haven't blogged for a while. Watch this space though, I'm back and blogging and will explain all very soon xxx

    If you've been thinking of sharing some of your stories then you must, its very cathartic, and great fun, so enjoy putting them down in print, I'm sure a lot of people would appreciate the smiles, and the advice.

    Thanks again for the kind words.

    Keep following :)