Sunday, 10 October 2010

I've been away.....

This is just a brief note to those who have been dedicated enough to keep following me during my silence over the recent months. I appreciate you all for sticking with me. A blogger who doesn't blog is of no interest to anyone, but hopefully I will now be able to hold your attention for a little longer, and blog entertaining (and educational) posts. A great deal has been happening in my personal life, and more details will be forthcoming soon, but in the meantime, and interspersed between the personal episodes, I will post some interesting bits and pieces about infidelity, relationships, facts, and anecdotes. You all deserve far more from me, and hopefully the quiet time, I was forced to embark on recently, will become more exciting by the day. I will give you lots to read, lots to comment on, lots to learn, lots to laugh about and hopefully lots to follow avidly. And, as usual, I will invite all of your comments about what I write, good and bad, and any stories of your own you wish to share.

Thank you all again for your continuing support and I hope my blog makes for good reading again very soon xxx

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