Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Please sign.....

Totally away from my normal post, but something I feel incredibly strongly about. Please check out Leah's blog and the link to the petition to sign. Please sign it to help everyone out.


  1. ZERO comments.... Enough said. Please delete this blog and seek psyciatric help.....

  2. Haha, how pleasant. But clearly you're still reading it, and commenting on it, so it serves a purpose :) Please stop commenting - unless you can say something useful - and seek some English Language and spelling help... :)

    Thanks for your support! Again! But when are you ever going to let it go?

  3. Comment as much as you like, I'm not publishing any more of your badly spelt, idiotic ramblings. If you hate me so much just read someone elses blog. I'm so unbelievably bored of hearing your vitriolic, bitter, hate-filled judgements. I'm flattered you're so obsessed with me, but I'm done now. Enough is enough. Crawl under a rock and die please. No one is interested in you or your hideous remarks. Thank you and goodbye!