Friday, 11 March 2011

Wednesday Morning.....

The link to my scary interview on This Morning on Wednesday. Blog posts to follow :)

This Morning interview - This is just the initial interview - watch out for the 'face' sitting next to me. The sofa was actually moving with her huffing and puffing like the wolf in the tale of the Three Little Pigs :)

This Morning interview and phone-in - This is the whole show. I'm back on again at about 1.03 ish, with Denise, for the phone-in.

Enjoy xx


  1. Watched the first clip - absolutely love some of the looks on Denise Robertson's face.

  2. I watched it at the time it was on and thought you did reallt well in the face of adversity ...... and if you are living in a fantasy world then shove up cos its getting a bit crowded... I too believe that what I DO is helpful to society AND that the men make their own choices. I'm a Dominatrix - wonder if denise would like to lash tongues with Me????

    Mistress Beth

  3. Freddy - she was more hilarious to sit next to - especially with her animated huffs moving the sofa lol.

    Mistress Beth - I personally think Denise lives a double life and she's secretly a Dominatrix too, I can see her in leather, brandishing a whip over some wimpy guy, trembling under her gaze lolol.

    Thanks for the support and the great emails I've received everyone xx

  4. Love it, and quite possibly you!
    Crispy x