Sunday, 27 March 2011

Will every man do it anyway.....

The lovely Jonathan Vernon-Smith seems to be mellowing in his old age. I've done his show several times now. I remember the first one and he was evil, pure evil. I was very close to putting the phone down and ruining the whole interview but I persevered. Obviously in the subsequent interviews he's actually listened to me and now realises I'm not the 'marriage-wrecking ho' he initially assumed I was.

Wednesday's interview was about whether all men would cheat given half the chance. I've always believed, even before the serial mistress label was attached, that if a space ship landed in front of any man, and his perfect woman stepped out, offering anything he desired, with no possibility of anyone every finding out, he would take it. I'd like to hope that there are one or two very decent men in this world who worship their partners so much that they would hesitate, and possibly refuse, but the longer I am the Serial Mistress, the less likely that seems.

A couple of guys called in to the show, swearing they wouldn't cheat, but one said 'Because I wouldn't want to lose everything I have', so that begs the question - if he knew he wouldn't lose anything, would he do it anyway? I often wonder if guys call in to say 'I'd never cheat' because their wives are in the same room listening to the same show.

My time as a serial mistress has helped me to understand far more about men, and their reasons for their infidelity. Long gone are the days when men would simply justify it with a 'My wife doesn't understand me' excuse. More and more men are indulging even if they are very happy at home. More men who would have previously never considered an affair, from lack of confidence or opportunity, are now easily finding available women to play with.

Modern technology has increased the chances and options for an illicit encounter, from a one-night stand, to no strings fun, a fuck buddy through to a full-blown love affair. Any man can now find a woman to fulfil every fantasy and dream he ever had. We appreciate there are many fetishes and fantasies out there, are more broadminded, and willing to experiment than ever before. So it's a wide world to explore, and who knows, maybe soon we'll have the technology to produce ideal women, in space ships, offering no strings attached sex!


  1. I'm sure the main reason men hold back (if they do) is fear of discovery. I like a man to be honest with himself at least - if he's cheating, let him admit that's what he's doing.

  2. Absolutely agree Petra. If he's lying to his Mrs then so be it, so long as he isn't lying to me about the situation. But how many married guys are on single dating sites claiming they are 'single' but can't be contacted after 5pm every day lol.