Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Enjoy being single.....

I love being single, and face constant criticism because I don't want to be settled down in a conventional relationship. What's so wrong with being single anyway? Whatever happened to girls doing it for themselves? Maybe one day I will find someone I'm prepared to give it all up for, but right now, I love my time and space. If you find yourself single, don't look around desperately trying to replace him, just enjoy your 'me' time...
  • Get to know you again. Sometimes we get so caught up in a relationship that we lose a bit of ourselves, forgetting what it is we like or feel passionate about. If you find yourself single, take time to get to know yourself again. Eat the foods you love, listen to the music that moves you and do things for the sole purpose of pleasing you.
  • Focus on friends. Being single doesn't mean you need to become a social recluse. Take time to connect with friends or even to forge new friendships. Spend quality time with the people in your life who you love to be around.
  • Be positive. Look on being single as a great experience. It might even be your last chance to be on your own, so enjoy it. And remember - you don't need to be in a relationship to be a complete person - you're complete because of who you are, not because of who you're with.
  • Experience life. Socialise, go to the gym, take that art course you've always wanted to do.... Experience life on your terms.
  • Celebrate this point in your life. We live in such a high-pressured world that we're always worrying about where we're going next. Make a point of just enjoying the now. Treasure this time in your life.

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