Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Man facts .......

Interesting man facts - some of them are unbelievable, but true :)

  • Nearly 70% of men make the first move in relationships
  • Only 6% of cheating men would tell their mates about their infidelity
  • 41% of men think a pashmina is a curry
  • 51% of men find it hard to talk about their feelings
  • 5% of men have sex at least once a day. Lucky devils
  • Men find hourglass figures most attractive
  • 21% of men think they are unlikely to meet a girlfriend speed dating
  • 12% of men have slept with a mate's ex and hidden it from them
  • 32% of men find most of the texts they receive from girls confusing
  • 27% of men hide their sweets from their family and friends
  • One in five men still fantasise about an ex
  • 89% of men would prefer to have a serious relationship with a girl who had natural-looking blonde hair than a platinum blonde
  • Men spend more money than women when trying to get over a break-up. Who knew?
  • It takes men in relationships an average of 10 months before they give up trying to keep slim for their girlfriends
  • 73% of men would rather go for a curry with their mates than a romantic meal with their partner
  • 20% of men lack self-confidence in the bedroom
  • Men spend an average of £932 on their fiancees engagement ring
  • 18% of men have decided not to go on a date with someone after Googling them
  • 35% of men moan about their partner at least once a week
  • 9% of men are more attracted to a woman who is in control of her finances
  • Men who support Manchester United are more likely to cheat than other fans
  • 85% of men would hate it if their girlfriend weighed more than them
  • 16% of single men share their bed with a pet - cute!
  • 39% of men have tried role play during sex
  • Red is the most popular colour of lingerie men buy for their partner
  • 63% of men claim a lack of energy ruins their sex life
  • 8% of men say they've never been in love
  • 27% of men have been dumped by text
  • 1 in 10 men have been dumped due to their bad timekeeping
  • Men who have good sex lives live longer
  • 56% of men would like to take flowers on a first date, but don't in case they look silly
  • 22% of men find predictable sex the top passion killer
  • 21% of men would consider leaving their partner if they came into money
  • Men get turned on by the smell of a roast dinner
  • Men say they are most likely to cheat on a night out with the lads
  • Men who believe in love at first sight are three times more likely to cheat
  • 47% of men would like to last longer in bed
  • One in five men have made a sex tape with their girlfriend
  • 15% of men say they've used a cock ring
  • 79% of men don't care what they will look like in the future
  • 13% of men admit to having a pet name for their penis
  • Men are more likely to cheat if they went to private school
  • 12% of men still suck their thumb
  • Men tell an average of three lies a day
  • One third of men wait until the fifth date before they sleep with a girl
  • 46% of men have sent a cheeky picture of themselves to someone other than their girlfriend/wife
  • 29% of men have been put off sleeping with a girl because her underwear was ugly
  • One in 20 men bought themselves a thong in the last year
  • 21% of men have shown naked snaps of their girlfriend to their mates
  • On average, men regret four of their sexual partners
  • 30% of men prefer doggy style to missionary position
  • One in 10 men have had unprotected sex as they were too shy to buy condoms

More man facts to follow sometime soon .......

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  1. I am only surprised @ the men who bought themselves thongs. These men can't be heterosexual!