Thursday, 15 March 2012

My new rules for dating....

  1. I will not get naked on the first or second date. 
  2. Waste anyones time if there's no spark.
  3. Tolerate unemployed, illiterate, rude men who don't make any effort for me. 
  4. Stop asking stupid questions like 'Who was your favourite Womble?' and 'If you were a biscuit, what sort would you be?'
  5. Not answer any ridiculously personal questions before I meet, such as 'Do you spit or swallow?'


  1. Did you ever really ask 'Who is your favourite Womble?' ?

  2. Absolutely Freddy :) You can tell a lot about a man lol. Who is your favourite Womble?? :)

  3. Ah well now, I guess my favourite as in 'I'd like to be' is Orinoco. Avoids work and loves food and sleep.
    My favourite as in 'would like to meet' would be Miss Adelaide. I do so like the sexy schoolteacher type.

  4. That is hilarious!! The sad part is they are a challenge to almost ALL dates!!