Wednesday, 9 May 2012


I  hope you all caught the Lovehoney documentary last night.  It was hugely entertaining and very interesting.  And it's lovely to see that even in hard times (scuse the pun) we are still having fantastic sex!

If you missed it, you can still catch it here for quite a while.  Give it a go.  It might open your eyes.  And remember you can order from Lovehoney via my page, so please feel free to go and browse, it is one of the best online companies I have ever used.

Click here for Love Honey


  1. I watched it. It was great fun. The staff were exactly as I expected. Nice normal people, completely grounded, fun loving and hard working. I neve thought for one minute the girls would be strutting their stuff in the warehouse dressed in naughty outfits. A bloke might................. ;-)

  2. Hehehehe you're right :)

    Anyway, not seen you around for yonks, how you doing? Mail me sometime if you fancy a chat xxxx

    Hope you're doing well xxxx