Saturday, 26 May 2012

York iPlayer....

For those who missed it yesterday, here is my interview with Jonathan Cowap on Radio York.  He gave me time to speak, and the response was 'varied' to say the least.  The consensus of opinion around York seems to be 'she's no better than a whore', but hopefully I managed to make them see my perspective.  Maybe one day these people will open their minds, look past their anger, and listen to me! :)

The lovely Jonathan at least gave me the opportunity to answer my critics, and clarify a few points.  All in all, it was a great interview.

I'm on from the top of the show for about half an hour, and then I'm back on about 1hr 51mins in.  Enjoy.

And I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend xxx


  1. I heard parts of your interview, I was quite frankly appalled. Not at you, not at what you do, but at the reaction you got from the small minded people who really didn't understand.

    Like most married men there have been thoughts of infidelity, of course there have. But so far no urge to action. Why not? Fear. Simple fear of loading what I have. Fear of rejection as well.

    I looked at that dating site, it's not for me, so we'll not be meeting I suspect ;-)

    This is some advice for wives who fear losing husbands, it comes from my mother who also listened yesterday, "every time a wife says no, there are at least give other women who would be saying yes".

    My own advice comes from some of your stories, relationships are about communicating with each other like you did when you first met, don't allow things to get to the long uncomfortable silences.

  2. Thanks so much for getting the whole point of the interview - you're right, so many didn't. And thanks to both you and your mum for some very important advice. You are both wise about these things, it's a shame more people aren't. And I appreciate the positive feedback :) It means a lot.

  3. One thing I think all the small-minded people missed last week was that you meet people primarily through a website. This site costs a lot of money so the commitment to 'stray' is both emotional and financial. You are not picking up random strangers in bars at all, but meeting people who have made definite and conscious choices about their lifestyles.

    I recall once truly scandalised woman who thought her old hubby (now deceased) had never even thought to stray. I suspect she never knew him deep down at all sadly.

    There was an old rhyme,
    Higomous Pogomous,
    Woman is Monogomous
    Migomous Piggamous,
    Man is Polygamous

    I think I'm safe in saying that you break this rule by your own candid admission ;-)