Saturday, 9 June 2012

Ahhh, Daily Mail readers......

You never change! lol

The comments on the Daily Mail piece today have been beyond hilarious.  Still so many people look at the picture and COMPLETELY miss the point!  I love them all.  I wonder if they sail through their lives judging each and every person on looks alone, and never actually taking on an alternative opinion, blinkered to every other view.  I can't honestly imagine living in such a small world where only one way to live is allowed.  I wonder how many of them are vegetarians or naturists :)

Mind you, their opinion hasn't really been helped by the newspaper themselves.  An 'exact' copy of the Mirror article was meant to appear, but all of a sudden I've gone from 'dating 50 married men' to 'having an affair with over 50 men in a shocking confession'!  What a pile of crap they create.  Of course I'm going to be hated by their readers if that is how they portray me.  Of course the judgemental will jump on the judging bus as fast as possible if that is the headline they are faced with.  So I will have to swallow my pride, and swallow the dishonesty, arrogance and spin that the MailOnline are so good at, and chalk yet another mistake up to experience.  Idiots!

And I thought the Mirror were into scandal and embellishment!  How wrong I was!

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