Sunday, 17 June 2012

More man facts...

  • 32% admit to cheating on their partner while at a wedding reception without their other half
  • 4% have flashed at their Xmas party
  • 50% say they would give up sex for six months in return for a 50 inch plasma TV
  • 34% of single men admit they don't have a girlfriend because they are too fussy
  • 10% would have sex with anyone for £100.  Even a bloke???? Surely not! lol
  • 19% try to copy their favourite male celebrity's outfits
  • Holiday pictures have encouraged 47% of men to lose weight
  • 20% think their girlfriend takes them for granted
  • 37% say their computer is in their top three most-prized possessions
  • Men, on average, have the best sex of their lives aged 36
  • 5% say their car brings them the most happiness in their life. Losers!!!
  • 61% think white underwear is sexier than red
  • 22% have chosen a restaurant for the first date so they can use a money-saving voucher
  • 17% of married men wish they'd known how much time they'd have to spend with their in-laws before they got married
  • 15% iron their socks and pants
  • 70% say brains are the most attractive feature in a woman
  • 76% think text flirting is completely innocent
  • 3% have slept with over 100 women
  • 49% claim to be scared of drinking sour milk, more than spiders and heights
  • 3% have shaved while driving to work
  • 75% said they spend more time thinking about food than sex
  • 65% say they've struggled to perform in the bedroom at some point
  • 23% would sacrifice one month's wages to see their football team win the league
  • 17% have only slept with one woman
  • 50% have stayed with a partner they no longer loved because they had an anniversary coming up and felt bad
  •  20% of single men only change their bed sheets once a month
  • 1/3  use their phones to flirt with women
  • 24% have had a threesome
  • 2/3 want more romance in their lives
  • 11% think adultery should be made illegal
  • 22% regularly have a back, crack and sack wax
  • 27% prefer fake boobs to natural
  • Men are more likely to pay for a date if they think the girl is really attractive
  • 44% have been caught with their flies undone in public
  • 8% don't think their girlfriends are good in bed
  • 14% like to wake up by having a morning quickie

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