Thursday, 9 October 2014

Mistress with a capital M

A mistress, or dominatrix, is used to describe the dominant female in a BDSM or sexual pair that includes a male submissive.  There are many forms of dominant/submissive relationships and the acts performed can range from gentle to severe. The main factors are that the female is dominant and the acts are agreed upon by both parties.

The Role of the Mistress in BDSM Situations
In dominant/submissive relationships with a mistress, the female is the dominant person in the situation. She dominates the submissive male with acts that deliver a combination of pain and pleasure. Men seeking a submissive role are not always submissive in daily life. It is common for men with high powered careers to enjoy relinquishing control and taking on the submissive role in the bedroom.
Although submissive and dominant play is sometimes used by people in committed relationships, some men with a penchant for being dominated prefer to be in the hands of a professional. A professional mistress or dominatrix provides specialized services and a level of control that enables the submissive male to relax and release complete control to her.

Explore Your Deepest Desires
Whether with a partner or through the services of a professional mistress, dominant/submissive activity allows you to explore your deepest desires and fantasies. This may include bondage, domination, spanking, and a range of BDSM and fetish activities. The specific scenario is based on the desires of the individual, but the female is leading and dominating the submissive male.
Sometimes the play between a mistress and submissive can get rough, so it is important to set rules and take safety precautions to prevent injury. The activity and rules should be agreed upon in advance. Because it can be easy to get carried away, it is advisable to have a safety word that can be used by the submissive partner, if things are getting a bit too rough.

Services from Professional Mistresses
The specific services offered by professional mistresses vary, but it is relatively easy to find a provider offering the services you are seeking. Many professionals list their services through online directories, such as those found at All activity is consensual and sex is not part of any paid service offered by a professional dominatrix. Any such activity that may occur is consensual and outside of the services.

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