Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Interesting story today.....

I know it's not in Britain, but this article caught my eye. It seems the whole world is suing someone for something these days, but am I wrong to actually believe this woman has a point? I'd love to hear your comments on this, and if you think she was right or wrong.

Woman sues phone company after husband discovers affair through bill

A Canadian woman whose husband discovered she was enjoying some extra-marital activities thanks to her itemised phone bill, has decided to sue the company responsible.

Gabriella Nagy is after 600,000 Canadian dollars (£405,475) from Rogers Wireless, claiming invasion of privacy and breach of contract.

The 35-year-old insists that she asked the company to send the bill in her name to her home but it was sent out under her husband's name, along with the television, Internet and home phone bills.

His suspicions were aroused when he noticed an unknown number appearing somewhat frequently on the bill and, when he called, the man on the other end admitted that he had been having a three-week affair with Ms Nagy.

But rather than take responsibility for the subsequent break-up of their marriage, Ms Nagy lays the blame firmly at the door of Rogers Wireless.

"I entrusted them with my personal information," she told Canwest News Service, as she moaned that the company had "breached my privacy".

Rogers though, replied saying the couple had asked for the bills to be consolidated.

"We cannot be responsible for the personal decisions made by our customers," a Rogers spokesman said.

"The marriage breakup and its effects happened, or alternatively, would in any event have happened, regardless of the form in which the plaintiff and her husband received their invoices."

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

BRMB Radio interview....

Here's the podcast of the radio interview I did on Monday night/Tuesday morning on the late night show called The Sanctuary with Caroline Martin. It was lovely having time to say my piece, she gave me a good 40 mins to talk, without interrupting, which makes a change. I only waffled a bit, which also makes a change! :)

Hope you enjoy it, but make sure you settle down with a coffee or a glass of wine before you listen to it.

Saturday, 15 May 2010


I have to apologise for the break in normal services, but I simply had to write a piece about the evil nastiness I have just had to tolerate on here. This blog is meant to be fun, it is meant to be a small insight into my life, and meant to be for people to read and take as seriously as they like. I am leaving myself wide open to be criticised for what I do with my life, how I date, who I date and how I write. I am not here to be openly crucified for how my life has turned out, including my financial situation and my health. Those matters are nothing to do with the people who read this blog. It is about my relationships, my dating preferences and, on occasion, sex. It is nothing to do with whether I pay my electricity bill or have two days in hospital and why.

So, for those ignorant, judgemental, self-righteous critics who have taken it upon themselves to leave nasty comments, I apologise for not being as perfect as you clearly are. I live my life how I see fit. I live within my limitations, and I live how I have been forced to live, by circumstances I wouldn't wish on anyone, including your sad, bitter, twisted selves. I would love to see you live my life for 10 minutes and see how critical and nasty you are then!! The incredibly hilarious, but sad, part of the vitriolic attack I have received is, whoever you are - and if you know me so well why don't you say it to my face?? - you have spent literally hours tracking down photographs of me, reading my blog, and planning your bitter comments. I find it very satisfying that my life is so full, my life is exciting and fun, yet you are trawling the Internet to find more and more information about me and my life. Who is the sad lonely one there?

After seeking legal advice I, unfortunately, had to delete the comments, and moderate any comments from now on. I'm disappointed about that, because I have always happily welcomed any comments from anyone reading my blog, whether positive, negative, funny, reassuring, or critical. I have taken every piece of criticism of my lifestyle on the chin, but I have never had to face slanderous, ill-informed comments about my finances or health. Everyone is welcome to leave comments, and I will always post them, so long as they are not slanderous or libellous. Whoever the people are, feeling my private life is there to be criticised, should contact me directly, you obviously know me, even though you don't know any facts. Please feel free to email me or phone me and tell me EXACTLY how you feel. But if you are so consumed with anger towards me, maybe you need to have a drink, chill out a little, and realise that no one on this planet is worth so much anger. It will give you a headache, or worse, carrying so much hatred with you.

Let it go, life is too short, but you know where I am if you want to get it off your chest. The fact that you are so consumed by it for so very long is really quite disturbing. I apologise to my genuine followers and readers because your comments will now be moderated, but you are always more than welcome to comment, all will be published. And secondly, I deleted a couple of lovely comments by mistake, so you're welcome to leave them again, and thank you to everyone for supporting my blog and making it all worthwhile.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Date 3/7

Name: Brian
Age: 43
Job: Warehouse Manager
Marital Status: Single but fake married - explanation following
Venue: Coffee shop

Coffee only, as I try to do when I'm not completely sure about someone. I wondered why he jumped at the chance and didn't ask me to lunch or dinner - the real gentlemen always do - but it all became clear the longer we chatted, he clearly wasn't one for paying for things. We met at 1.30 at a cute little coffee shop in town. It closely resembles a private Starbucks with flavoured lattes, stunningly presented cappuccinos and hot chocolate to die for, with all the toppings you could dream of, like something from Willy Wonka's factory. I left him to order my coffee, gingerbread latte, and found us a table. When they were delivered to us mine was a work of art and he had a plain black coffee with a jug of cold milk. Each to their own I thought and we started the process of getting to know each other.

Online he had been interesting, he asked a lot of questions and when I answered he seemed to agree with almost everything I said. I thought this was a sign of a good choice, someone I would have a connection with, lots to talk about, everything in common, but no, apparently it meant he had no thoughts of his own, he was just a Yes Man - and not in the good 'Danny Wallace' way. He agreed to everything I said online hoping I would meet him, and I guess it worked. While we were chatting face to face we covered some of the subjects we had already discussed online. Strangely enough his answers altered dramatically.

Me: I love to travel abroad. I love warm holidays but not just lounging around on a beach endlessly. I love to explore where I am visiting, learn some of the language, try the local delicacies, experience the culture and the people of the country.
Him Online: Oh me too, I love travelling.
Him In person: I've never been abroad in my life (he's 43) and never will. We've got enough in this country to explore and I don't have to eat that foreign food, its shite! (How would he know if he's never tried it?). The places are full of foreigners and they don't bother to learn English which annoys the hell out of me!

Me: I love to try new things, from every corner of the world. I love Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Thai, any kind of food. I love variety, spices and interesting flavours.
Him Online: Oh me too, I love trying new things, maybe we should try a few new things together. I'd love to take you somewhere exotic for a meal.
Him In person: I hate foreign food. I like English food. I don't ever go to foreign restaurants. I've never tasted curry or Chinese in my life and have no intention of starting now. I like plain food, and well cooked too, I can't understand anyone wanting their steak raw, or that fish thing that's raw, yeuch!! (Sushi!)

Me: I love being single, having my own space. I love my life the way it is, but there is always space for someone else to join in, so long as they don't take over or expect me to change. I love hugs and being close to someone though, you can't beat intimacy.
Him Online: I'm married, we'd need to be discreet, I want to meet once or twice a week.
Him In person: I'm not married at all, I'm actually single but I didn't think you'd want to meet me if I was 43 and single. I still live with my mum, but I can't ever imagine living alone. What's the point anyway? I get everything done for me, all my cooking, cleaning, washing etc, and she even wakes me up for work in the mornings.

It seemed we weren't getting off to a good start, so I tried to change the subject, hoping to find something we did have in common. We landed on the city of York and discussed how much we like architecture and history. At last something we could talk about, but it was purely to get me through the second coffee I had ordered and paid for, mine a sticky toffee cappuccino, his plain again. At this point I asked him why he liked it plain and didn't want to try something different, I was almost anticipating the answer. 'Oh I don't like that fancy muck, why mess with coffee?' And there it was! :)

Steering us back to the subject of York he suggested we visited the city together. I smiled, trying not to run away screaming that I'd rather rip off my own arm and beat myself about the head with the bloody stump! I didn't say no chance, which wasn't good of me, but I knew I would never be seeing York with this man! 'It's only 30 minutes on the train from me', I said, 'Not too far from my nearest station'. He laughed at me and said he would never get on a train, and he much preferred the bus. Apparently it takes just over two hours to get there from his house. Who CHOOSES to sit on a bus for two hours when it can be done in a quarter of the time? He said he had never been on a train and never would! There's a surprise!! And I had to avoid saying 'Never been on a train, but I bet you've collected lots of their numbers in your spiral bound pad!!' :)

He's 43 for gods sake!! How has he never been on a train?

Half way through a sentence, while I was telling him about my work, he checked his watch for the fifth time, he then announced he had to leave, before I even had chance to finish it. He had apparently set aside an hour for a coffee. We had sat together for exactly 59 minutes. I hadn't realised I was on the clock, so I never did finish my sentence. We parted company, he kissed me on the cheek and said 'I look forward to seeing you again. Thanks for the coffee and lets do York soon!' I smiled and turned to walk in the opposite direction when I heard him shout across the street 'Oy Karen, don't forget about us doing the sex too!!' I spun round faster than a gyroscope with my mouth wide open and said 'What??' I expected him to smile and say 'Joking' but instead he actually repeated himself, even louder this time. 'We'll do York and have lots of sex soon, you're really hot!!' There he was, right in the middle of the street, in the centre of the town where I live, the pretty market town, full of tourists and visitors. I was mortified that anyone would have so few social skills, but there he was, addressing me, in the middle of the street!! I walked over to him and asked the question that had been coursing around my head for the 59 minutes we had been together.

'Are you behaving like this, with no social etiquette, and contradicting everything we had discussed online, in the hope that you would put me off? Did you decide from the start you didn't like me and did everything you could to turn me off you? ' I asked.
'Hell no, of course not, you're exactly how I imagined you and even better. I really want to see you again. I think you're lovely and can't wait to get started with the sex. I've not had it for ages and want to fuck you so much. If it means having a trip to York before, just to keep you sweet, then so be it.'

I was speechless and repulsed by his reply. I smiled sarcastically while I shook my head in disbelief and turned to leave. I walked back to my car, still speechless, shaking my head as I went, not quite believing that I had met someone like that. About two hours later, after several texts from him reinforcing his feelings for me and begging to see me again, I decided to let him down gently, and not keep him dangling any longer, I could so easily have ignored him for ever more but I thought better of it. My text was simple and to the point 'Thanks for meeting me today. After thinking about it for a while I've realised we're not really suited, and you're not what I'm looking for. There's no point in leading you on and I didn't feel the chemistry was right. I hope you find what you're looking for. I'm sure you will x'

His text came back almost immediately. 'FUCK YOU!!!!' was the reply. Oh my, another man who can't handle rejection, but I don't know what made him think his behaviour was acceptable enough for me to want to see him again. I didn't think it would come as much of a surprise to be frank.

I wasn't remotely concerned with his reply. I laughed. But I was more concerned about his initial approach and it made me realise how things are changing. I have spent my dating life talking to single men, or so I thought, who were hiding the wife and two kids. Men's marital status has been hidden for years, in pubs and clubs, at work, and now online. I joined Illicit Encounters to steer away from that deception, by knowing exactly where you are. With a married man, there are no surprises, we all know where we stand, what the boundaries are, and what we are all looking for. It's bizarre that dating has come to this. I know I advocate dating married men and always voice a good argument for the benefits it holds for all parties, including my famous line 'Single men my age haven't really got a lot to offer' but never in my wildest dreams did I think I would experience a single man pretending to be married in order to find himself a date. Is that what the world has come to? Its quite funny when you think about it, or is it sad? We had married men lying on dating sites to pull women, and now we have to contend with single guys lying too. Mind you, I can see why he was lying, and why he has never been married, or ever will be if he carries on with his charm offensive! :)

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Date 2/7

Name: Ethan
Age: 40
Job: Police Officer
Marital Status: Separated
Venue: Coffee Shop

My god he's delicious!!! Unbelievably delicious!!! I could have eaten him up, there and then! His pictures hadn't done him justice at all. It was almost as if I'd seen a silhouette but not the complete person, an outline version of the man rather than the coloured in version, but once the smile spread across his gorgeous face, and his piercing blue eyes sparkled for the first time, he came to life. He was better than I could have hoped for, and it made me realise the phrase 'One woman's trash is another's treasure' is absolutely true. He split from his wife just over two months ago. They both decided it wasn't working and he hadn't been happy for ten years. I have to admit this is the only reservation I have. Some men split and hate being alone so much they replace their partner with someone who makes them feel safe and secure again. Some split and replace her with the exact opposite, the anti-wife, just to see if that works and was what was wrong all along, and some split then spread their wild oats, screwing everything and anything showing interest. So far I haven't worked out which he is, and obviously a few more dates will help me figure it out, but I think I'll have to be incredibly reserved with this one, and keep my emotions under control. I have a feeling it could get carried away very quickly for both of us.

This is a whole new dating experience for me too, and most of you will laugh when I say this, but he doesn't own a mobile phone!! He is the only person I know who doesn't have one. My ten year old godson has one. My 82 year old mother has one. Everyone in between has one. So its a totally new experience not relying on text messages to do my talking. I got stuck behind a very slow moving tractor on my way to our date, but had the uncomfortable problem of not being able to tell him I was going to be late. I nearly broke my neck, and my car, to get to him as quickly as possible so he didn't think I'd stood him up, but it made me realise that with this guy I might actually have to get off my arse and be early for once in my life, and that's not a bad thing! I was also amazed at how relaxed I was about not hearing from him immediately after the date. Normally I get a text to say 'Thanks for a great time, can't wait to see you again' etc. I'm incredibly polite too, and always say 'Thank you for dinner/drinks/the movie' etc. because my mum always taught me to say my thank you's! But on this occasion I couldn't. He had to go home to catch up on his sleep because he was in the middle of his two night shifts, so I didn't expect to hear anything from him, especially as he looked so shattered, but I guess that was partly my fault. I'd kept him up till 6am a couple of nights earlier, and he'd only had about three hours sleep in the space of 36. So I willingly let him head home after six espressos and three hours of my company.

He was fabulous though, and just how I love my men. I suppose this experiment is helping me establish what my 'type' is and I've figured I have two. Outside those two I simply can't seem to find anything that works for me. Type number 1. seems to be the business man. Suited and booted, highly intelligent, lots of responsibility, suave, sophisticated, charming, who knows how to treat a lady properly. Type number 2. is my Action Man. Tall, rugged, manly, with a heroic, manly job, good morals, strong arms, a broad chest, the sort of guy who would ride in on a white charger and rescue the damsel in distress. He may not be as sophisticated as number 1 but he makes the girl feel safe and secure, well and truly protected.

Sometimes when I look at my types I realise number 2 is actually what I'm looking for but they are very rare. It's a very fine line between Action Man and Neanderthal Man, skimming the shagpile with his knuckles and grunting. It's a fine balance of testosterone between gentlemanly and cavemanly. But this time I have found the former, completely. He's ex-forces, a sergeant major no less, and I can just imagine him shouting at his troops and being a true leader in combat. He has retired from the army and is now a police officer, upholding the law and cleaning our dangerous streets of druggies and criminals, to make it safer for women to go out at night. Swoon!!! What a hero!! He's done his bit for the country abroad and now he's doing his bit at home. Two uniforms in two jobs, which apparently he still has! Throw in a play fireman's uniform and I may just wet my pants while I write this!

The lovely thing is, besides being manly, heroic and in a uniform, he's a genuinely nice bloke! I hate that word. It's so non-descriptive. It doesn't say anything about a person apart from 'I'd trust him to look after my goldfish if I went on holiday', there are a million more adjectives I would use to describe him but these days, especially on the Internet, there don't seem to be many nice people around. He's polite, he's easy going, funny, clever, sweet, kind, considerate, affectionate, tactile, he seems honest so far, which in my line of work is a true rarity, and he has a stack of morals that any man would struggle to peer over. He loves his daughter and spends a lot of time with her, especially since he left his wife. He's sweet and kind to total strangers, he opens doors for women. He won't let the lady pay, not even for a coffee on the first date. And to top all these fantastic things - he's a truly great kisser!!

What are the downsides I can hear you cry? No one is perfect! And you're right, no one ever is. He's above my usual height requirement by two inches, but I don't know whether it was the six inch heels I was wearing, or the fact that everything was just right, but I didn't feel dwarfed by him. He didn't crack any 'small' jokes, which is rare for a giant. He didn't appear condescending or patronising and never once spoke to me like a child, so I hardly noticed the 14 inch height difference. The only other negative point - he smokes, but he only smoked two in the three hours we were together. He made sure he stood down wind of me, purposely considering where I was and positioning himself where the smoke wouldn't affect me at all, he didn't smell like an old ashtray, and I didn't notice anything when he kissed me, so I can't see it becoming a problem. He's certainly not a 40 a day kinda guy, and the odd one I could probably cope with.

So, as tick boxes go, well I've pretty much scored a full house with this one, and couldn't be happier. I can be a little more chilled out with the phone situation, he lives about ten minutes away, he's not looking for marriage and babies, so I can let my guard down about him being a single man, and he doesn't do one night stands, so I can relax about potentially being used. I'm not going to count any chickens, even though it is Spring, but I am going to say I'm very pleasantly surprised after this particular date.

So as future dates go, I'd simply say watch this space.......

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Date 1/7

Name: Glen
Age: 38
Job: Health and Safety Consultant
Marital Status: Married
Venue: Coffee Shop

Not exactly the date I had anticipated. It started very well but slid down the slippery slope at a rate of knots. We were meeting for a coffee as he was passing on his way home. He had been incredibly keen to get me on my own, and of course the horny vibe had been well and truly waved in my face, like a big pink rabbit. I had tried my hardest to calm his ardour while we were chatting online, but I knew he would be quite a handful in person. I was determined to meet him somewhere very public, hoping he would keep his hands to himself, but sometimes a public setting just gives a man like him an extra challenge!

He arrived a few minutes early and waited in the car park, texting me impatiently to hurry up. He was increasingly desperate to meet me, but as always, at the back of my mind, I was thinking he was more interested in putting his hand up my skirt rather than meeting ME!

I got out of my car and watched him stride across the car park, admittedly not looking immaculate because he'd been working, but we can't all look amazing at the end of a 10 hour day. He looked fab enough though. He was exactly like his picture, minus the tan, but we all get that Daz bluey-whiteness to our skin at this time of the year. He had that sexy salt and pepper hair, stunning eyes and his smile to die for broadly greeted me, very pleased that I had finally arrived. He had sent me a text earlier in the week, wondering if we would kiss before or after our date, whether we would kiss straight away to 'break the ice', and although I had avoided the question and had made no promises, I did like the idea of kissing him, he was very sexy! So, before he even checked that I was happy to do it, he scooped me up and kissed me, gently at first, then passionately, firmly pushing me against my car. What a great kisser. It was delightful. I would have been more than happy kissing him for the next hour but we had gone there for a coffee, and I wanted a chance to get to know him without his face stuck to mine.

I finally managed to prise him off me and suggested we went inside. He was very tactile, lovely in fact. He took my hand to walk into the coffee shop and put his arm around me in the queue. Normally I would feel uncomfortable with someone being so 'overly familiar' but for some bizarre reason it felt nice. He was easy and so very comfortable to be around. I felt as if I had known him for years.

He bought the coffees and we settled comfortably into a huge, squishy, leather sofa. His hand casually landed on my thigh and we started to chat. In between subjects I received intermittent kisses and the occasional cheeky, but gentle, brush of my thigh or breast, it all seemed to be going very well. The coffee shop was very quiet but he still turned to me so no one could see his hand as he touched, and then squeezed, my breast. It was remarkably bold of him, and I checked around to see if anyone had noticed this brazen behaviour. I moved my arm so he couldn't do it again, partly because I had only just met him and it felt bizarre to be getting touched up in a coffee shop, but also because I actually quite liked it and didn't want it to go too far too soon. We had already checked our diaries and made sure we were free later that week, if the coffee went well. It seemed to be doing at that point.

We chatted about our own situations, what we were looking for, how we hoped it would work out, and that, unfortunately, brought us to the subject of his wife. His smile disappeared, his annoyance seemed to surface on his face, and he then proceeded to tell me, for 20 minutes, about how his marriage wasn't working, what a bitch she was, how awful his life was, how she expected him to jump every time she spoke, and how this was the start of the new him, he wasn't going to be at her beck and call anymore. I naturally encouraged him, I didn't particularly want to be in a relationship with someone who was watched constantly, we all know that just leads to trouble. As the problems poured out, and he soaked up my advice like a sponge, making the most of my wisdom and experience in all infidelity matters, his phone rang. 'Oh shit, it's her, back in a sec' he said, and disappeared off to the front door of the coffee shop to talk to her.

Now as dates go, I don't normally get left on my own for any time. Dates are meant to be between two people, not three, and immediately the alarm bells started to ring. If he was prepared to talk about her endlessly, then take her call without a second thought, clearly this woman had her hand up his arse and was working him like a ventriloquists dummy! Several patient minutes later, I finished my coffee and sorted my bag to leave, when he appeared round the corner and said 'Sorry babe, I've got to go, she's checking up on me'. I sighed, decided it was actually for the best, and walked out to the car with him.

I thought he would have jumped in his car and headed off like a bat out of hell, but no, he decided he wanted another kiss, so he pushed me up against my car, held my face with both hands, apologised for her ruining what was a 'perfect date' and kissed me hard. I melted, it was lovely, complete bullshit, but lovely. I pulled him to me, kissed him back and then went to get in my car. 'Not yet,' he said, 'just another minute or two, I don't want to leave.' So we chatted for another few minutes, he was trying desperately to arrange another meeting, and then he kissed me again. This time his fingers took mine while his lips crushed my face. I thought he was just holding my hands, and he was, initially, but after a few seconds he was moving them rather than holding them. Yes you guessed it, towards his crotch. Men!! You never cease to amaze me! Normally men can be incredibly predictable when it comes to the crotch area, mid kiss, but this one actually shocked me. I expected to have my hand forced onto a fabric covered erection, to be pressed against it while he rubbed himself with my fingers, but I was oh so wrong!

My hand felt skin, and I actually jumped! I was so taken aback I physically recoiled. It was hilarious, and not like me at all, but I genuinely wasn't expecting to feel smooth skin! I laughed, and of course he took this to mean I was laughing at the size - which I certainly wasn't. I moved my hand away and said 'Too far Glen, we're in a public car park, next to a busy coffee shop, and there are people all over the place, I really can't do this'. I couldn't! Normally I'd be game for a laugh, especially if I fancied him, but this was so bold, so blatant and so insensitive that I simply didn't want to, especially after our date was being cut short by his overbearing wife. It turned this incredibly sexy, handsome man into a slightly desperate opportunist, and that is never remotely attractive.

I went to move away to get into my car and he pressed himself up against me again. 'Come on babe, lets go somewhere now, I fancy you so much, I want you' he begged. I shook my head and told him no, reminding him he was the one cutting the date short to go rushing off to the Mrs when she called! At that point the phone in his pocket burst into life again. Ohhhh saved by the bell I thought! 'You better get that, see you later, and it was lovely meeting you' I said. In a fairly swift movement he managed to get his phone out of one pocket and tuck his manhood back into its own little pocket, and yet again he was decent (if you could call him that!!).

I jumped in my car and said good bye and drove off, relieved that the situation had been disturbed, but equally disturbed that it was his wife, and his debauched behaviour, getting in the way. I had planned on mailing or sending a text the following day to see how he was but I didn't need to. Within ten minutes of me leaving him in the car park I got a text message saying 'Cock tease'. I was gobsmacked! Totally unbelievable considering he was the one with it hanging out of his trousers and I was running away! I've never known any cock tease to be running AWAY from a man! It didn't justify a reply so I left it where it was. I've had a couple of emails since asking how I am, but I decided, as much as I am experienced in being the mistress, I've never wanted to be part of a puppet show, especially when it involves a game of Punch and Judy, with the string of sausages, in the middle of a public car park!!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Sex Around the World....

Some sex facts about some of the hottest countries in the world...

Spain - A survey of 15,000 women in 20 countries ranked Spanish men the best lovers in the world, followed by Brazilians, then Italians. Altogether now: Hola Senor!!

Brazil - Men in Brazil have had more partners in their lifetime - and more threesomes - than anyone else. Or maybe they're just the biggest liars.

USA - A whopping one in five Yanks has taken 'performance-enhancing pills' to help them along in the bedroom. That's a whole lot of Viagra.

Tunisia - Poor old Tunisians have to wait until they're 20 to get laid legally - compared to 13 in Spain.

Australia - Almost three quarters of all Aussie men have had sex in a car. So that's why the Sheila's Wheels women look so damned happy.

France - If you're looking for hot sex with a Frenchman, steer clear of fresh-faced youth - one in five 18 to 24-year-olds claims they have no interest whatsoever in sex or romance.

Greece - If you're a fan of chat, Greek gods are perfectly happy talking abut sex all day, and think kissing and hugging in public - not to mention talking dirty - is fine.

Portugal - If it's fast love you want, Portugal is the place to be - 81% of men admit to having had a one night stand.

South Korea - Across the world, men have sex, on average, 2.8 times a week - but in South Korea they manage a knee-trembling 4.5.

Italy - The average Italian stallion finds talking dirty the biggest turn-off in bed - but body odour only bothers a tiny 2% of young men there.

UK - British men have got plenty to boast about, too - our men spend longer on foreplay than those of any other nation.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Sorry folks.......

OK. I'm back. The 7 dates were finished a few weeks ago, and I had written about them, but couldn't blog them. The 30 dates were planned and organised and then out of nowhere I got sick, ended up in hospital and was told to take it easy. Obviously, dating 30 men in 30 days is not exactly 'taking it easy' :) So, on the docs recommendation - and yes, he did know what I was doing, if he hadn't been gay he might have been roped in for a date :) - I promised to take it easy and now I am back to full fitness, as well as can be expected anyway, and I'm starting my 30 dates next week :)

So, please accept my apologies for not blogging lately, for not explaining what happened, and for making you all wait for the next exciting instalment of my crazy life :) I hope my blog posts over the next few weeks are interesting, exciting, funny and 'readable'. Thanks for sticking with me xxx