Friday, 27 February 2009

Friday night in ..........

I sometimes wonder if this 'Illicit' life is for me, when I'm in on Friday night cos all the men are playing happy families, but I thought I'd share my Friday night with you. I got in from work, and some skiving and shopping, buying new underwear which is just gorgeous :) I had a long soak in the bath with a beautiful glass of Rioja, and read more of my book, and not once did anyone bang on the door screaming 'Hurry up, I need a shite' :) I spent half an hour rubbing the most gorgeous cream into myself, with no need to explain to anyone why it was taking so long and why I had to do it. I painted my nails, gave myself a pedicure, exfoliated and conditioned my hair to death, and no one saw me doing my secret single behaviour :)

I had pate and toast cos I just couldn't be bothered to cook and finished the bottle of wine * note to self, must buy that again. Watched TV, and not once did the channel change without my knowledge. I haven't suffered Sky Sports News or had to discuss tomorrows fixtures :)

I know you're probably all nodding off by now, and thinking how mundane it all is, but I've just had an evening that was all about me, and am more relaxed than I have been all week. Its been delightful not having to explain to anyone why I'm being lazy, drinking wine and eating crap for my tea :)

Maybe this 'Illicit' life does suit me after all :)

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

To scrap or not to scrap......

I was contemplating ending my blog because I didn't think I had enough to say, and didn't want to be seen as bragging about my life or experience, but sod it, I've sat on Lorraine Kellys sofa and told the world what I do so a blog on here won't kill me. Who knows, it might actually be interesting and I've had such lovely words of support from everyone around me that I may well end up with the book I always wanted to write :)

Thank you to everyone posting comments and sending emails. I'm grateful to know I'm not the only one who thinks this isn't worthy of a discussion in parliament, and declaring a state of emergency in North Yorkshire :)

Famous - or infamous?

Well, the deed has been done, and short of crucifying myself for wearing the wrong outfit, and hating the 'sofa' shot, I've been on TV standing up for the rights of the 'Mistress' and proving that it can be a lifestyle choice and not the behaviour of a marriage wrecking ho-bag :)

The experience has been interesting, to say the least, and it has been an eye opener, but I am a teeny bit proud of myself (although most people would say I should be ashamed of myself not proud) that I've taken a stand on a subject that, so far, seems to have been taboo in the media. The mistress has always been portrayed as the sad, pale, emotional wreck who is desperate for him to leave, sits in every night pining and wishes she'd met him earlier :) I don't believe I've pined over anyone in my life, and I'm not about to start now :)

There are mistresses out there, who love our lifestyles, who love being pampered, love 100 % attention, and love (not in the full sense) the men we share our spare time with. Its about time we stood up to be counted xxxxx

Monday, 16 February 2009

Am I really? ........

The backlash has been 'interesting' to say the least. I've had positive mail, supporting what I have done, and why I do it. I've had several 'friend requests' on Facebook, from men who are looking for a little extra. I've read, and acknowledged, the anger that seems to be brewing on the Fabulous Mag forum. But it astounds me that people seem hell bent on criticising me and what I look like as opposed to what I do and why I do it.

Some of the classics include :-


I hope she settles down soon and her man strays seriously get a grip on your life learn when to stop.Does she even think for a minue how the wife may feel??!!!
She is nothing but a fat disgraceful HOMEWRECKER!!
Get a life

This lady is a disgrace! It isn't just men who are capable of cheating but most don't as there would be no point to marriage if you could stray. I got married in September and this story really annoyed me. She should be ashamed of herself.

shes obviously very insecure about herself and abit sad really, she cant find a single man so tries to justify her behaviour by saying married man are better for her... ermm ok love.A very selfish and sad women who is getting on abit!

Karen's behaviour?Stupid,Selfish,i just hope that she ends up being the sad old loner she deserves to be(which should be any day now!)

42?! She is more like 52. And what on earth do the men see in her? She is a fat unattractive middle aged frump. They must be desperate beyond belief.


Its hilarious that my looks have been judged but my behaviour hasn't, and surely if I was as hideous as people assume then I wouldn't be dating anyone. I'd be sitting under a bridge waiting for goats to walk over it!! :)

And so it has begun......

This blog is purely for my own entertainment. If it creates debate, or causes a fuss then I'll be happy, because I think its about time the world heard from the other side :)


I was brave enough to come forward, to stand up and admit 'I am Karen, and I'm a serial mistress'.

I wasn't sure of the reception, how I would be viewed, or the backlash, but now its done I suppose I should breathe a sigh of relief and take the consequences on the chin :)

For all of those people who missed it :-

And now the judgement begins :)