Saturday, 27 February 2010


This is just a funny for everyone to enjoy - I couldn't resist posting it.

John Terry and Wayne Bridge met for the first time playing in today's match, Chelsea v Man City.

They were meant to shake hands at the start of the match. But this little corker had hit YouTube before the game was even over :) JT v WB Handshake

It just goes to show Wayne is still angry about what happened, and who can blame him. He also doesn't look keen to shake the hand that has been on and in his woman for so long! It's a shame indeed that two team mates can't sort this out, but thankfully they didn't beat the hell out of each other during the match. That's a blessing if you ask me.

Enjoy the video, I did, and I wanted to pat Wayne Bridge on the back for doing it :)

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Nature to stray....

I used to think that an affair meant there was something wrong in a marriage or that the wife had somehow 'failed' her husband. I'm snorting with laughter at my own naivety on that. It's in a man's nature to stray.

I can honestly say that every man I know, without exception, has at one point or another been unfaithful to a girlfriend or wife. Friends, neighbours, colleagues; I can't name a single man who hasn't cheated.

A friend of mine is a high class escort. Occasionally she has tried to get me into the business but I have refused. I don't want any part of that side but she has confirmed that 85% of her clients are married or attached. And the 15% who are single or gay have told her that they would continue to see her, or another escort, should they get hitched or settle down at some point.

We have discussed at length the similarity between escorting and being a mistress and I have to agree, there is a fine line. As one of my lovers has said, 'All men pay for it in some shape or form, be it presents, hotels, dinner or time'. I suppose the escort option is quicker, and more of a 'sure thing', but there is no affection or care involved, but for the men who are looking for a quick fix it is ideal. There is no 'admin' involved in the relationship with an escort. The mistress (or certainly me) expects consideration, communication and tending to like a precious flower. If I don't get watered regularly then I wither and die, or at least I move on to another flower pot!

Being a mistress has confirmed my belief that whatever a woman does, there's a very good chance that her partner will stray. Some of the men I see have what one might consider an 'excuse', be it a wife who's permanently angry, a wife who hits him or is verbally or emotionally abusive, or a wife who doesn't like sex. A few have other reasons for staying in an unhappy marriage, such as a disabled child, or a business they couldn't bear to see sold for a divorce settlement. I feel only sympathy for those men. They don't see a way out and so they see me as an alternative to breaking up their marriage.

Yet there are men I have met over the years who have no real reason at all to be seeing a mistress, and most profess to loving their wives. They have happy marriages, a good sex life, a wife who loves them, and whom they love. I've got one at the moment who wants to meet me but who's busy telling me about his lingerie shopping trips with his wife, how she loves choosing things he'll like and how he loves treating her to them, how she likes lace, she wears silky nighties in bed, how she only started shaving in her 40's etc. I'm appalled at the intimate details he's telling me - she'd be mortified, just as I would be if he were my partner. If his sex life is this good what on earth is he doing on Illicit Encounters, talking to me along with many other women, no doubt. Maybe it's the novelty of trying someone else, maybe he needs someone to massage his ego because she's been doing it for 20 years, maybe he has such self esteem issues that one woman telling him he's attractive and virile is not enough or maybe he's just full of shit, and not doing any of those things with his wife and is simply living in a fantasy land. Whatever the reason, I don't plan on meeting him. If he is so vocal about his wife, and clearly very indiscreet when it comes to intimate details, I don't particularly want to be the next detailed story he will tell the other potentials in the harem he's building.

I'm too good a mistress for someone like that and I prefer very few details about the other half and certainly no details about intimate shopping trips or her pubic topiary. Many a time men have tried to treat me as the unpaid escort, something I refuse to allow. Those who don't agree with what I do describe me as an unpaid hooker anyway, and I suppose to the uneducated eye and the small minded, that is how it will look. I'm offering the friendship, the affection and occasionally the sex that they would hope for from an escort with just a few more strings or conditions attached, but does that make me any different from a high class escort? Apart from no money changing hands of course. As a mistress I am loving and kind, attentive and loyal, and I make them feel good about themselves. Those things aren't an effort - they are who I am, even with my friends, but in addition to that I am not one for asking personal questions, gossiping, prying into private business, and I have never had a problem walking past a hotel receptionist with my head held high. I suppose I should put those traits to a good use and instead of being just a mistress, I become a great mistress.

When it comes to sex, my experimentation and open mind knows no limits. My lovers, when they have earned the right to that position, can ask of me all the things they have never dared ask their wife. Even talking about it is usually off limits at home but certainly suggesting something 'kinky' is totally unacceptable. I have christened every imaginable location over the years; indoors and out. Usually the men I meet are a little lost and world-weary. I enjoy watching the transformation in them, and realising I'm the reason for their body language and demeanour changing. They speak of how bored they are with their life, but with me they seem to rediscover their inner child and see the world through fresh eyes, and of course resurrect their flagging libido, which is bound to give a man a spring in his step.

They usually profess to their life with her now being bearable. I sometimes wonder if that is just an illusion, a smoke screen they are throwing down in order to make me happy and justify their behaviour, but whatever the reason, I have always been happy with every situation I have got involved with, and probably always will, so long as boundaries are not crossed and mistakes are not made.

On the occasions where a man has told me his marriage is over and he is about to divorce I have not done what the typical mistress has done, and swooned at the thought of finally making him mine. I haven't started buying Bride magazine in the hope that I would be next. I have been around with supportive and wise words but have taken everything with a pinch of salt. The number of mistresses pining over men, who have been leaving for years, is ridiculous, and that is what creates the sad picture we all have of the other woman. Sitting patiently waiting for the day he finally leaves, but we all know he never does. It is something married men have used as a carrot since time began. Dangling the opportunity to run off into the sunset together, one day when all the pieces are in place for him to finally go. What most mistresses don't realise is every married man's jigsaw has at least two pieces missing from the box, one of which is his spine! The necessary pieces to complete the puzzle are long gone, down the back of a sofa, never to be seen again, so that puzzle will never ever be finished.

I realised this many moons ago and for that reason I never fall in love with any of my married men, and I always have more than one, so if something goes awry I am not left heart broken, battered and bruised emotionally, and unable to recover from a break up. I have my head well and truly screwed on and love my life as a Serial Mistress, and wish I could encourage many other mistresses to feel the same. Love is not an emotion that should ever be involved in an affair. It should be fun, exciting, breathtaking, and stomach-churningly thrilling, but it shouldn't hurt and certainly shouldn't end up as love, because that's where the mess starts, the pain starts and no good can ever come of that situation. No matter how many times he says he will leave, it won't happen. It's the odd occasion, in stories that being 'Once upon a time....', that everyone lives happily ever after. The married man is usually very good at lying, hiding and deceiving, not just from his wife but also many things from his mistress. They are like onions, with several layers of information they have either omitted or lied about gradually surfacing, and no matter how many times the mistress walks away and says enough is enough, he will always find a way back in, to turn the tables, and have her forgiving him in time. Maybe it is true that love is a form of insanity.

Men will describe their home life as an old carpet slipper, and no doubt their wife feels the same, but we all know how difficult it is to throw away something that has been so comfortable for so long. Men are especially bad at throwing things out, they hate change, and as much as they may despise the comfort and boredom at home, it works for them. It's not an exciting life with his family but that feels safe and secure. If he leaves for the mistress it is the unknown he is heading in to. She may look amazing once or twice a week, she may have no stubble, she will have beautifully manicured hands and feet, stunning clothes, stockings and heels, but when reality actually kicks in, will she snore, will she want to veg in front of the TV in her pyjamas watching soaps, will she go off sex if it is not illicit, infrequent and exciting, will she stop working out at the gym and put weight on, will she start wearing flannelette nighties to bed and will the stockings be shelved for special occasions? The man never knows, and has no crystal ball to see, if the mistress, once he has become hers, will overnight become the wife?

I have, over the years, met many men who have been on their 2nd or 3rd marriage. They have left the first wife for their mistress, married her, then left for another mistress or started an affair. When a man leaves, which is incredibly rare, for the exciting mistress, before long she becomes the wife, for the cycle to start all over again. And the men who are terrified the mistress will turn into the wife are the ones who will never leave. The fear of the unknown, the fear of change, after all women don't stay fabulous and exciting forever, do they?

I don't dislike men, in fact I love them, a lot. The men I date tend to fit a certain mould - clever, successful and usually married. Sex is admittedly a major part of it, but it's not just about sex, despite what people think. Nor is it about looks. I'm attractive, size 14, 36F, with long wavy blond hair and big green eyes, but I'm no supermodel, far from it, but that's not why men choose me. I'm not the stereotypical mistress, I don't fit the image of the blond bimbo looking far better than the wife, slim, tall, well-groomed, false boobs, resembling Barbie. In fact, most of the time I'm not even better looking than the wife. I might take care of myself better, have immaculate nails painted red, makeup always done, nice clothes, always in stockings and suspenders, but I don't necessarily look better. I take time to take care of myself because I have the time. I don't have kids running around under my feet, I don't have masses of housework to do, and I don't have a man to pick up after.

The sad fact is that a long-term partner will never compete with a mistress, especially a single one. Wives don't want to give hours of oral sex, or listen to their man talk about work for hours without taking a breath. Wives get tired, have stresses, get PMT, have bristly legs occasionally etc. I don't think many women could maintain a mistress level of care in a permanent relationship. The energy levels a man expects from his mistress are superhuman. Sometimes I feel exhausted after several hours of being utterly fabulous. I sleep well before, and after, a date. It is certainly not a level of fabulousness I could offer day in day out, so maybe even I would, one day, turn into a wife if I settled down with a man.

Their wives, for the most part, have lost interest in them, so what they want from me is someone who makes them feel special, someone who makes them feel clever and attractive. They want someone who will listen to them, who'll take an interest in what they do, who'll care if they're sad or ill. Its a combination of lover and friend and mother, I think, that all-embracing, non-judgemental affection. If I could sum up what they want most, it's unconditional lust and appreciation.

One thing that strikes me about the men I date, some of them seem to have married 'beneath them' in some way. That sounds like a horrible phrase but I don't know how else to put it. They have married women who are less affluent or educated backgrounds. These woman, since their marriage have either become ladies who lunch or they continue to work in caring professions - they are primary school teachers or nurses - and they carry on working, not out of financial need but because they enjoy it.

I don't understand why it is these men choose wives with whom they quickly discover they have nothing in common. I can only assume that they were drawn to 'nurturing' women who they thought would be good mothers. I suppose if you're an alpha male, then you don't necessarily want another one at home. Perhaps it's also a case of the higher your IQ the less likely you are to find a mate if you're female. It seems deeply sad somehow that whilst these men have moved on since marrying, in terms of continuing their education, building their global empires and developing sophisticated tastes in all things, their wives have been left behind. The men wanted their wives to be good mothers, but now they've become that, they find them boring and narrow-minded. I think that's why they like me - they've forgotten what it's like to have interesting, exciting and fun pillow talk, with someone who regards them as an equal rather than a superior.

I'm struck by the fact that none of my dates have been men who wouldn't struggle to get plenty of women. They are witty, charming and attractive men, who have never had any trouble chatting to women. Yet in an odd way they seem to realise I am not the typical mistress. I'm less risky than a full blown love affair, I'll never ring up their wife in a rage.

They are all successful in their chosen fields and they tend to be highly educated. Most are from corporate backgrounds, banking or the private sector, or they have their own companies. All are in positions where regular travel does not arouse suspicion. They range in age from thirties to late fifties. They do tell me a little about their marriages and their children too, but much of what they tell me is about work. They ask my advice on all sort of things, from what to buy their wife for Christmas to whether they should take over a rival company.

My dates like the fact that they can talk to me as an equal, in that my background is the corporate world from which most of them come. I think they like the fact that they can be honest with me too, and the tell me things that they could never tell their wives or colleagues. My background, appearance and education mean that no one will ever suspect me of being anything more than a good friend. What my men like in a mistress - wit, kindness, charm, intelligence and independence - are not what they want in a wife. They like an equal in the bedroom and in the boardroom, but they don't want one at home.

However if the wives threw in a little more love and affection, listening and attention, their man would probably be happy compromising on everything else. A married man is easily pleased, and if the wife stepped up the game a little more, women like me wouldn't be necessary.

I know I have been criticised in the past for 'blaming' the wife, but I have always conceded that it takes three to have an affair, but following recent press events, my point that men have it in their nature to stray seems to have been proved. You simply need to look at the wives of Tiger Woods, John Terry and of course Ashley Cole, to realise that there seems, on the surface, nothing wrong with the women they are married to. However, we are not sure what is going on behind closed doors, we have no idea if the men are bored, feeling insecure or in Ashley's case, challenged by his wife's success. We don't know if they have little, or no, sex life, or if they are living with a lack of support or affection. But we also know that these men have all the resources necessary to put things right, far more than the general 'man on the street'. They can pay for the best couples counselling, they can buy presents to please her, they can have impromptu holidays to spend precious time together, they can hand the children over to nannies so they are not feeling the pressures of parenthood, but still they stray.

So, maybe on occasion it is the wife's fault, maybe on occasion it is the temptation but in their way, or maybe, the fact is, a man has it in his nature to stray, and they always will do.

Friday, 12 February 2010

New domain....

Just a quick note to let you all know that you can still find me without the .blogspot now :)

I am now the proud owner of :

and soon to follow will be

Now I really do need to finish the book! :)

The page redirects to my blog for now, until the new website is finished, but of course its always nice having a non .blogspot web name :)

Monday, 8 February 2010

Things you never knew about sex and love ....

To celebrate Valentines Day I thought I would bring you some interesting sex and romance facts - some are wild, some are sweet... and some will make your jaw hit the floor :)
  • Like fingerprints or snowflakes, no two lip impressions are alike, and they're even used in forensic science.
  • A peck on the cheek uses two facial muscles; a passionate kiss, all 34.
  • For every 'normal' page on the Internet, there are five porn pages.
  • Some very, very lucky women can reach a climax just by having their nipples stroked and sucked.
  • Animals kiss and make up too - chimpanzees kiss and embrace after fights.
  • The left testicle usually hangs lower than the right for right handed men - and vice versa (You're looking now aren't you? lol)
  • Women who read slushy novels apparently have sex twice as often as those who don't. I better get down to the library!
  • Kissing releases the endorphin dopamine, which apparently gives you a rush of elation that is similar to cocaine.
  • The Catholic church declared kissing to be a mortal sin in the Middle Ages.
  • Contrary to popular belief (and porn films), semen is rarely spurted or squirted, but usually slops out. Lovely!! A few men do squirt though; the record stands at almost 8ft, although one man reportedly achieved 18ft 9in. Quite a party trick.
  • During arousal, the inner lips (or labia minora if you want to get technical), enlarge to two or three times their normal diameter. And if you men need a foolproof way of checking she's not faking an orgasm, they also change in colour just before an orgasm, turning pink, bright red and even a deep wine colour. A colour chart from the local paint shop and a torch might come in handy.
  • Half of all men say they would have sex with a woman without even kissing her!!!!......
  • ...... but only 14% of women would have sex with a man without kissing him.
  • Orgasms can be more intense in warm weather which explains why we are all hornier on holiday.
  • 50% of men say they expect kissing to lead to sex, compared to 33% of women.
  • People turn their head to the right during kissing twice as often as to the left.
  • Around 48000 people in the world are having sex right now. I hope you're not one of them while you read this :)
  • The average person will spend two weeks of their life kissing.
  • Our brains contain neurons that help us find each others lips in the dark.
  • Almost a third of all men insist kissing isn't cheating......
  • ...... whereas 89% of women say it most certainly is!!
  • The female orgasm is a powerful painkiller as it releases feelgood endorphins. (Warning - a headache can no longer be used as an excuse because he knows how to cure it!)
  • 70% of Brits are in love and 80% believe in happy ever after, making the UK the most romantic place in Europe, so remember that the next time your man drunkenly snores in bed!
  • Apparently 70% of men think women like kissing men with stubble. Well, they're not the ones with the rash the next day, are they?
  • In fact, 67% of women prefer clean shaven men.
  • The maximum speed at which erotic sensations travel from the skin to the brain has been clocked at 156mph - that's more than double the motorway speed limit.
  • Forget jogging. You burn as many as 26 calories in one minute of kissing.
  • Of the 12 or 13 cranial nerves that affect cerebral function, five are at work when we kiss. This blocks messages from lips, tongue, cheeks and nose informing us, eg. of temperature, taste and smell. So you really do 'lose yourself' in a kiss.
  • Around 10% of the world's population don't touch lips, let alone smooch. Unlucky them :(
  • Some 68% of men claim that they are good kissers.......
  • ........ but women are more modest. Only 56% sing their own kissing praises.
  • Research has found that the last bit of a man's ejaculated sperm contains a natural spermicide that will attack the semen of whoever gets in there next. Scientists also claim the penis has a ridged glans in order to scoop out a competitor's semen before depositing his own.
  • People will do the oddest things for a kinky thrill...... Among the items retrieved from people's er, bottoms, in hospital are: a parsnip, a plantain (with condom), a salami, a plastic spatula, a cattle horn, a can of body spray, a broom handle, and in one case, two apples!
  • Some men and women can reach orgasm without actually being touched. They simply squeeze their pelvic and/or buttock muscles. A handy skill that sadly not all of us have, but hey, we'd say it's worth a try.
  • A fear of kissing is called 'philematophobia'.
  • Less well endowed men can rejoice in the fact that the rest of the penis is almost two thirds of the length of the visible bit, so they're not such tiddlers after all. What's more, root and stalk together, the penis is actually boomerang-shaped.
  • A woman's breath has a slight semeny odour within an hour of having intercourse, and men can find it a huge turn-on. So if you've had a quickie before work, I advise breath-freshening mints and avoid talking to clients.
  • Having regular sex does more than keep us smiling - it serves a biological function too. Sperm that's sat around for too long waiting to be, er, released, develops abnormalities. So, masturbation is a vital act for man's evolution, as it means fresh sperm gets made.
  • No wonder some men can't find the clitoris. The little blighter hides itself away just before orgasm. Luckily, stimulation is pointless at this stage, as it's too sensitive for direct contact.
  • Only one in five men proposes on one knee, and 6% do it on the phone. I imagine those 6% got a swift 'no thanks' lol!
  • Dermatological tests show that kissing helps reduce dermatitis, skin rashes and blemishes. And it's cheaper than a facial.
  • Spare a thought for sufferers of flaturia, a condition that 'causes' intestinal gas to leak loudly from the rectum when in the throes of passion. Not to be confused with the embarrassing 'varts' (to put it bluntly - fanny farts).

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Ten things men really like in bed....

I am frequently asked what I do that wives don't. Its hard to be specific, so I thought I would give you a list of things that men really like - in my experience. It is not necessarily what they are missing at home, or getting from me. In fact men see me for many different reasons, and I have always said that it is never specifically sex they are looking for. As a mistress I offer far more, but I thought this would be a lighthearted look at what they might be looking for. And for those in a relationship, you might pick up a few tips to keep him happy.

  1. Blow jobs - The world is divided into two types of men: those who love blow jobs, and those who are dead. Nothing is sexier than a dirty woman rubbing his cum into her face after sex.
  2. Finger up the arse - Men love it when a woman puts a finger up his arse while she is sucking him off at the same time. If she can manage to gently squeeze and juggle (not literally) his balls at the same time, so much the better.
  3. Talking dirty - Dirty talk when your mouth isn't full :) and some eye contact while you're sucking his cock is good, (as are occasional feats of swallowing/accepting a facial). Dirty talk while you're having sex drives them wild. Saying how much you're enjoying it, what you're enjoying about it and what you want him to do next is a huge turn on. He needs direction and needs graphic communication instead of the occasional mmmm yes to tell him it's working for you.
  4. Playing with yourself - Men love to watch a girl play with herself, either on her own or encouraging him to join in once she has already started. Its a good idea to include toys in the play too, so he sees it as a fun addition rather than competition for him, or a criticism of his performance and capabilities.
  5. Dressing up - Men really like us to dress up, from the innocent schoolgirl to the slutty secretary. A nice lace set with stockings and suspenders works well too. It's not just about looking horny, men love the fact that we have bothered to go to so much trouble. Its saying we want it as much as them.
  6. Anal sex - Men believe a woman's pussy is just not as tight, especially after kids. It makes men horny just mentioning it, but make sure you take your time to build up to it, and of course only say yes if you really are interested in trying it. Don't forget the lube! :)
  7. Fucking from behind - Some men believe the ultimate fuck is a three holer. Mouth, pussy and arse to finish and this is the most convenient way to approach it. Also men like to see us from behind, especially if we have a fine arse and small waist. They appreciate the view and the curves. They also like not having to look into your face. It means they can fantasise about someone else if they need to but also it takes away some of the intimacy, turning the act of making love into pure sex or fucking. It removes the element of romance found when eye contact is held throughout.
  8. The risk of discovery - New situations and places are a key trigger for men. The danger element, the risk of discovery, is a great turn on. Only dirty girls will try it outside where they may be caught. It shows a woman with very few inhibitions.
  9. Sharing fantasies - Being able to talk about what you like or would like to try is a huge turn on. When the fantasy is written down or emailed, it creates a vivid mental picture for a man. It is also fun either videoing or recording your fantasies while playing with yourself and sending it to him. Very dirty but very horny.
  10. Taking charge - Men don't necessarily appreciate girls who get all girly and coy in bed, almost feels like having a virgin. They like a woman who can take the initiative and don't expect him to make all the moves. They find it boring having to work out what we want, and what turns us on. It makes it much easier if we tell him or get on with it ourselves. There is nothing sexier for them than a woman pushing him on the bed and demanding he satisfies her, telling him exactly how.

Friday, 5 February 2010

Infidelity stats......

Some stats* you might be interested in, some fascinating, some shocking :)
  • Three out of four men will cheat on their wives and/or girlfriends
  • One in four men has more than four affairs
  • Fewer than one in ten men having an affair will leave their wife for their mistress
  • Three-quarters of men who do marry their mistress will later divorce her
  • 80% of men and women who divorce because of an affair ultimately regret their decision
  • The richer, more successful and better educated a man is, the more likely he is to have an affair - but the less like he is to leave his wife
  • 88% of 'alpha males' cheat
  • 85% of women who suspect their lover is cheating are correct
  • 50% of women discover their partner's first affair (which means 50% don't...)
  • Only 46% of men believe online affairs are adultery
  • 94% of men don't think flirting is being unfaithful
  • Ten years after divorce, just 10% of couples (husbands and wives) have a better quality of life
  • Post-divorce, men are financially 25% better off. Women are 20% worse off
  • Given the chance, nearly 80% of men would remarry their ex-wife
  • Almost 60% of spouses find out about an affair when their partner confesses
  • In a quarter of cases, the spouse discovered the truth when they found evidence of the affair themselves
  • Only in 7% of cases did someone else (including the mistress) tell them
  • Almost two-thirds of women regularly sneak a look at their partner's private text messages and emails, particularly when they suspect him of being unfaithful
  • When they snoop, more than one in five women find positive proof of infidelity
* sources are available on request

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Valentines E-Book...

A great read - and a must read for all those doing what I do! :)

Especially funny part on presents - remember folks, only a week to go to buy something amazing, and if anyone buys me flowers from a place that sells milk, we'll be falling out!! :)

IE in The Independent...

A great article from a couple of weeks ago. It seems the philanderer is getting more and more popular :)

Stephen Nolan Show...

I have never, and hopefully will never, come across a man like Stephen Nolan ever again. What a truly hateful attitude he has and this morning, thanks to the lovely John Terry (again) I was called by BBC Radio Belfast. I was not given any time to prepare or listen to his show. I was thrown on the air seconds after I picked up the phone and I'm launched into a debate about John Terry and whether he should keep his job. I had no clue what had been, or was being, discussed. I was forced into the conversation with the most outrageous, obnoxious, self-righteous prig I have ever had the misfortune to encounter. I remember the very first time I appeared on his show. He was rude, a dreadful interviewer, he wouldn't let me finish a sentence, I only got half my point across, yet I was put on this show again without even being told whose show I was talking on. Clearly the producer had anticipated that I would tell him to stuff it up his arse, if I had known, and certainly in future, that is exactly what I will be saying, even to a point of hanging up. I suppose I could have hung up mid call, but I wouldn't give the ignoramus the satisfaction!

I knew the Irish had very strong views about this issue, being so religious and pure, they certainly did last time I was on, when I was personally blamed for a man's wife leaving him, and him attempting suicide! But when you consider how many Irish priests have been, allegedly, messing about with young altar boys, they need to look closer to home before they try putting the world right. Glasshouses and stones come to mind!

Anyway, for your entertainment I will let you all listen to my very brief, yet pointless, appearance on the Stephen Nolan Show this morning. I must admit, at one point, a journalist he was interviewing laid the question at his door. 'If Stephen Nolan was having an affair with a colleague's girlfriend, would he risk losing his job - not a chance! But then again, what are the chances he would be offered an affair in the first place!' I laughed heartily at that. He was on TV this afternoon, appearing in some god awful quiz show, and the smug, self-centred idiot actually looked pleased with himself. I feel so sorry for his wife, having to lie under that for her marital duty, and wouldn't be at all surprised if she's actually on Illicit Encounters looking for someone younger and fitter to play with! I know if I was married to an aggressive, rude, ignorant man like him, I wouldn't hesitate looking elsewhere! After seeing him on the quiz show this afternoon I truly do understand the phrase 'Having a face for radio'!! :)

I will NEVER appear on Irish radio again. I'm disgusted with his interview style, I personally think he's dreadful at his job, and although I understand it is his style to be controversial, condescending, and 'say it how it is' , it is sad to see someone, with the manners of a sewer rat, getting air time on the BBC. If Jonathan Ross or Russell Brand spoke to people like he did, they'd be sacked. So how does this poor excuse for a broadcaster keep his job? Not only is he rude to his guests, but he's incredibly obnoxious with his callers, and considering all of these people are keeping his dreadful show on the air, he should show them a little respect, but that is clearly a word not in his vocabulary.

Never again!! And my apologies to all my Northern Irish followers, but my god when did an entire country become so bloody self-righteous!!!

Anyway, the link to the show is

I'm on from about 25 mins. Listen to the rest of the interview with the other people, before and after me, it wasn't just me he was rude to, his callers and his guests couldn't get a word in anywhere, surely being gobby and talking over people is not the best trait for being an interviewer!!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

JVS show....

Jonathan Vernon Smith's show on Monday, covering the subject of 'Can you trust your man around the opposite sex?'

Its online for the next 6 days. I'm on from 2hrs 6mins.

Enjoy :)